Social media can be a real estate agent’s best friend. However, so many of them don’t know how to use it to their advantage! It offers so many opportunities to real estate agents to be found by potential clients, connect with them on a personal level, and establish credibility in their market.

Platforms like Instagram make it easy to become the local expert, when done correctly. You can share listing photos, branding photos, videos packed with value, and more! All of these posts can help you stay top of mind and keep you connected with new and past clients, help you obtain referrals and repeat business, and last of all, make you look like the shining star in your local real estate market that you ARE!

If you’re a real estate agent looking for ideas for what to post on social media for maximum impact, read on to see our top 10 ideas that you can use to grow your business and your following on social media – or join Restate Social. 

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1. New Listings

This one might be a given, but posting your new listings is an amazing way to show that you are an experienced and in-demand real estate agent. Posting a picture of one of your listings once or twice a week establishes you as a credible real estate professional. Use 2-3 photos in a carousel each time that make the listing pop.

Include a catchy description of the property, highlighting its features and local amenities. Then add a link to your website and a call to action for any viewers to reach out to you if they’re interested by calling you number, or clicking your link in bio.

2. Market Updates

There are a few ways to share market updates, all helping you look like a local expert. Share an infographic, Instagram story market update (we have a beautiful template for this!), carousel post highlighting the local market trends, or record a reel where you talk about what’s going on in the market and how that impacts both buyers and sellers.

3. Video Walk Throughs

This is an underutilized but highly effective tactic in attracting clients and positioning yourself as the local expert. Share short clips (15-30 seconds long) of properties, neighborhoods, local amenities, or testimonials as an Instagram reel. Regularly posting videos is a proven way to attract clients and engagement.

4. Neighborhood Guides

Similar to video walk throughs, a neighborhood guide sets you up as the go-to person for information in the area.  Many buyers are influenced by neighborhood aesthetics and amenities, so sharing videos and photos of popular neighborhoods in your area can be a great way to get leads. Include entertainment options like the best restaurants and things to do, as well as market insights like the average selling price and the average days on market.

5. Home Makeovers

Everyone loves a good before and after renovation picture! If you renovate homes or have a client that renovated theirs, share a before and after video or photo carousel. Social media users love to see design inspiration and sharing it can be a great way to improve your social media engagement.

6. First-Time Home Buyer Tips

First-time home buyers will often have a lot of doubts and feel overwhelmed when they’re trying to purchase their first home. Offering tips and insight specifically for them, or even a free downloadable guide, may lead to some great buyer leads.

7. How to Increase Home Value

Sharing tips on the best ways to increase home value positions you as an expert and gets viewers thinking about selling their home. You can offer tips, then add a call to action with your phone number or email where they can get a free home valuation and personalized suggestions on what they can do to improve their home value.

8. Home Maintenance Tips

Stay top of mind with past clients and those that see your posts but don’t have the desire to sell at the moment. Offering home maintenance tips as photos or reels to educate clients on simple maintenance tasks or easy renovation ideas will keep you at the forefront of their mind so you’re who they call when it’s time to buy or sell. Always be offering value!

9. Testimonials

Social proof is important for any business, even real estate! Have prior clients share their experience of working with you in a quote/image format or as a video that you can share on your social media. Nothing attracts more clients like past happy clients!

10. Closing Photos

When you attend a closing with your client, see if you can snap a picture with them that you can share to social media. Similar to the last idea of using testimonials, this is a great way to show new clients that you have experience and past happy clients. You can even use a testimonial as the caption for an extra boost!

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