If you’re like most real estate agents, you know what posting on social media is super important but you might not always know exactly what content you should be sharing.

These real estate social media post ideas are ideal for Realtors to help share their knowledge and build their brand! Not every post is going to result in instant leads and referrals, but building a strong presence on social media over time helps showcase your expertise, positions you as the area authority, and helps people know, like and trust you. All of these factors help make people more likely to find you and want to work with you!

Read on to see our 11 social media post ideas for real estate agents in August of this year.

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11 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

1. Before and After

Share a transformational carousel post with before and after photos of a space. This can be after a renovation, after staging, a DIY project, or just moving furniture around to compliment the space better!

2. Neighborhood Highlights

Showcase the best aspects and amenities of a local neighborhood. This can include parks, walking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, a pool, club house, or the local hot spots in the area like restaurants or shops. People that live in the area love to see their home shown off, and those that are thinking about moving to the area will appreciate an informative post like this.

3. Client Testimonials

There’s a reason service and product-based businesses are always sharing testimonials on their website and social media – social proof works! Share success stories and reviews from happy clients so potential clients know what to expect from working with you.

4. First-Time Home Seller Tips

There’s a lot of focus put on first-time home buyers, but selling a home for the first time can be equally as overwhelming, confusing, and nerve-wracking! Share your top tips to make the process easier, and you can even offer a free consultation as a call-to-action within your post.

5. Market Trends

Everyone hears generalizations about the housing market but most people don’t know what exactly is happening locally or they don’t understand how to interpret the data. Break down current trends and stats in a way that everyone can understand – they’ll appreciate it and it will give you a lot of credibility.

6. Home Spotlight

It’s always a good idea to feature a stunning property you’re representing – though it shouldn’t be the only thing you post about! Share one of your listings with high-quality photos and an enticing description that shows buyers and sellers you’re an in-demand agent and you know what you’re doing.

7. Virtual Tours

Everyone loves a good virtual tour! Feature one of your own listings, or if you don’t currently have one, ask an agent in your office if you can take some videos of theirs, or tour a local new-construction model home. Draw attention to its unique features and layout – listing pictures don’t often do the layout justice and this can be a dealbreaker for some!

8. Real Estate Myth Busting

Address common misconceptions about the buying or selling process and share the truth. These make for great informational posts that showcase your expertise! You could also do this in the form of a video or Instagram Reel.

9. Home Buying Checklist

Create a checklist to guide potential buyers through the home buying process. This can include items like the inspection, appraisal, and final walk through, as well as smaller tips like what to look for during the initial showing appointment.

10. Relocation Advice

With so many people moving from state to state these days, it’s a great idea to provide tips for people that are relocating to your area from out of town! This can include information on the local market, school district, neighborhoods, moving tips, shops and restaurants that are popular with the locals, tips that only locals would know, and more!

11. Interest Rates Breakdown

Everyone has heard that interest rates are going up and up, but most people don’t truly understand what that means for the housing market in general, or for them personally if they’re interested in buying or selling a home. Explain how interest rates and the mortgage process works, and how it directly effects the real estate market and buyers/sellers so they can better understand the headlines they’re seeing.

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