The market is getting hot, hot, hot! Don’t miss your opportunity to stand out and get new buyer and seller clients with these 12 summer real estate social media post ideas. 

Don’t just post pictures of listings and call it a day, your social media content needs strategy and to provide value to your ideal clients. That’s how you’ll grow your following and reach new buyer and seller clients, as well as get referrals! Social media is a super powerful tool for real estate agents to stand out from their competition and position themselves as the local expert, to help you grow your client list over time.

Read on for our 12 favorite summer real estate Instagram post ideas!

How to Help Buyers Fall In Love With Your Home

Use a carousel post like this one to attract and educate potential home sellers. Share with them how they can put their best foot forward with buyers when listing their home, and plug your contact information at the end to remind everyone you’re a real estate agent with listing expertise!

Your Offer Was Accepted, Now What?

Give buyers insight into what they can expect after their offer gets accepted. Ease their worries and anxiety before they even begin house hunting with this post.

Upcoming Events

Attract locals with an “Upcoming Events” post. This is a great way to train the algorithm to show your content to those in your area – after all this is where most of your buyers, sellers and referrals are!

When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

Before putting their home on the market, sellers will often wonder when the best timing is for listing their home. This post allows you to share your knowledge in the caption, while attracting sellers in the beginning stages of thinking about listing their property.

Most Popular Cities To Move To In 2024

The great migration isn’t over and the most popular cities to move to is still a hot topic of conversation. Share this informative and interesting post to grab attention on social media, and potentially encourage sellers in your area to consider making a move.

What'll Happen To Home Prices If Interest Rates Go Up?

Buyers and sellers are both curious about how potential rising or falling interest rates will affect home values. Share some insight into how any upcoming or current rate changes will affect your local market based on inventory and trends that you’re seeing – show off that real estate knowledge you have as an agent!

4 Things To Do Before You Start House Hunting

Share your 4 best tips for buyers that are thinking about beginning the house hunting process. This can include general tips like getting pre-approved, or ones more specific to your area!

Home Is Where Your Dog Is

This adorable post tugs on the heart strings of pet owners everywhere! Use a simple and sweet social media post like this to remind buyers to consider their furry friends when making a purchase, and sellers that maybe it’s time for a new chapter that better fits their lifestyle (and their pets’ lifestyle too!)

Why Do You Need To Get Pre-Approval Before Buying?

Most real estate agents will agree that getting pre-approved as a buyer is super important. Help buyers understand why it’s in their best interest to get pre-approved and know their true budget before starting their home search – it’ll save them time and disappointment!

Questions To Ask As A Buyer At An Open House

Attending an open house is something a lot of buyers will end up doing – especially when they’re early on in the buying process and potentially not working with an agent yet. Help them know how to navigate the situation effectively with the right questions to ask while they’re touring the home.

Everything I Touch Turns To Sold

This fun post is a great way to remind your social sphere that you’re a real estate agent and you’re always there to help them with their buying and selling needs. Use a high contrast image and color scheme and sharp font to really stand out on your social feed and stop the scroll of viewers.

New Construction Feature

Use a carousel post like this one to attract potential buyers that are considering new developments. Feature a local new construction community and share what makes it such a great choice for buyers in your town!