Social media for real estate agents is becoming more essential by the day. Not only is social media a place to get more leads, clients and referrals, but it’s also one of the best ways to grow your brand and showcase your knowledge and experience as an agent. 

Even if leads and clients aren’t finding you directly from social media, you can bet most of them are going to look you up on there – and you better hope they like what they see! Having a strong social media presence can make or break you, so follow these 21 best real estate social media marketing tips for 2024.

1. Get Out & About

Whether you’re just grabbing a quick coffee, or driving through your city’s cute downtown area, grab your phone for a quick Instagram story, or even better, a full post! Then you’ll want to make sure you tag your location and add some relevant hashtags to boost your exposure in the area. You can even tag neighborhoods when you’re doing open houses or a broker tour!

2. Make It Easy With Restate Social

When it comes to real estate social media, most agents have trouble maintaining consistency and creating great, eye-catching content that really lets them shine online. Consider joining Restate Social to make it easier on yourself and to save you loads of time – that way you can focus on what you’re passionate about, like making your clients’ real estate dreams come true!

Every month, Restate Social creates daily customizable social media posts and captions that you can post on Facebook and Instagram. Never wonder what to post or how to market yourself on social media again – Restate Social takes all of the guess work out of it by designing all of your social media posts for you with our professional graphic designers and marketing experts. Learn more about it here!

3. Share Local Events

Everyone always likes to know what’s happening in their area, and people tend to be on the hunt for new, fun things to do with their friends or family. This means you should be sharing events and fun activities happening in your area like festivals, weekly farmer’s markets, special exhibits at the museum, concerts, sporting events, and more! You want to be the community expert. 

4. Talk About Things To Do

Similarly to sharing local events, share things to do in your city/area! Being the local advocate that shows residents and visitors all the fun things to do during the week or on the weekend gets your name out there, and positions you at the top of the list in the mind of those viewers that decide to buy and make the move to your area!

5. Leverage Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of properties and showcase the lifestyle of living in those homes. You can also use stories to show things to do around town, unique details of a property, hot neighborhoods and more! It’s important to include both Instagram posts and stories in your strategy.

6. Utilize Ads

Want to boost your reach on social media? Utilize Facebook and Instagram ads! You can simply boost a post, or create your very own ad campaign from scratch. (P.S. If you’re a Restate Social member, you get 2 social media ads every month – with instructions, campaign parameters, captions, headlines and more – it makes it so easy!)

7. Host Virtual Open Houses

Livestream property tours on platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram Live to engage with potential buyers remotely. This also shows off your knowledge and skills as an agent to any potential buyers that may be watching!

8. Be Authentic

Social media is where people want to get to know you, before getting to know you. Let your personality shine, it’s what sets you apart from all of the other real estate agents in your area – only you can be you!

9. Focus On Variety

One big mistake many agents make when it comes to their social media is not including enough variety. They simply post “Just Sold” or “Coming Soon” posts about properties they’re listing. This is SO boring to viewers! Showcase your knowledge with real estate tips, neighborhood features, and anything else you can think of – just don’t do the same thing every day!

At Restate Social, we design strategic posts that mix it up, one day our members will be sharing what buyers can expect in the appraisal process, and the next day, tips on how to renovate their bathroom on a budget!

10. Share Testimonials

With so much competition in most areas for agents, it’s important to show “social proof” that you’re a great agent to work with. In simple terms, people want to work with people that other people like! Share testimonials from past clients to show that you’re the agent for the job, and their best option out there.

11. Don't Skip Videos

Videos are such a great, engaging way to share information. Quick videos on social media remain king for creating engagement and buzz around your posts, and are a great way to show your personality as well! It doesn’t have to be complicated, just do a quick 15-30 second video talking about a hot real estate topic or current market conditions. You can also use video for property tours and to showcase unique features of a property.

12. Share Polls & Engagement Posts

Let your viewers share their opinions with a classic “this or that” post, where you show two different options and ask what your audience thinks. This creates activity on your post and the more comments you get, the higher you’ll rank in the algorithm and boost your chances of being seen by others on social media.

13. Use Curiousity-Provoking Images & Captions

People need to have their curiosity piqued in order to pay attention! Marketers spend enormous amounts of time trying to understand the psychology and emotion behind viewers in order to get them to pay attention to their social media, ads, and products. This is where using an affordable service like Restate Social is so helpful, all of that strategy and work is done for you! All you have to do is customize and download.

14. Educate Buyers & Sellers

Your future clients will always be full of questions and believe it or not, you hold the answers! Create content that gives them the answers to their questions with short videos on real estate topics and the current market, or in a post. Share with viewers the in’s and out’s of the buying and selling process, and try to think of questions they’ll have along the way that you can answer!

15. Show What It’s Like Living There

Before making a move, many people will go on social media and try to see what it’s actually like to live there. Make posts and videos about things to do in the area, what it looks like during the week and on the weekend, the pro’s and con’s of living in that area, the weather, and more! Think about everything you’d want to know about a place before starting your new chapter there.

16. Run Contests & Giveaways

Encourage engagement by hosting contests or giveaways on social media, such as offering a free consultation or home staging service. Let people enter by liking & commenting on the post, this will help boost your visibility the more engagement you get so more and more people can see your content!

17. Respond Promptly

Monitor social media channels closely and respond promptly to inquiries and comments to provide excellent customer service. People can lose focus quickly and after sending you a message or leaving you a comment, they might forget about it entirely! Take advantage of their curiosity and willingness to connect with a quick reply.

18. Host Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Organize virtual events on platforms like Zoom or Facebook Live to educate your audience about the real estate market and answer their questions.

19. Network With Out-Of-Town Agents

Connect with other real estate agents and professionals on social media to exchange referrals and collaborate on marketing initiatives. This can be especially helpful if you’re noticing a lot of buyers coming from certain areas or sellers moving to the same place – reach out to some agents in those areas and start making connections!

20. Create Shareable Content

Produce content that is highly shareable, such as home staging tips, DIY home improvement projects, or neighborhood guides. You always want to be educating and providing value!

21. Optimize Profiles

Ensure your social media profiles are complete and up-to-date with accurate contact information and a professional bio. You’ll also want to include keywords like your city and “real estate agent” or “Realtor” so that when people search for those keywords, you pop up!

22. Invest in Professional Tools to Look Like a Pro

So many agents think they can just wing it on social media and create professional, cohesive content that attracts leads and referrals. Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case! Unless you’re naturally great at graphic design or do marketing copywriting in your free time, your content won’t be as professional and effective as it could be.

It can be tempting to go the DIY approach, but save yourself the time and headache by using an affordable service like Restate Social! Not only is it way more economical (Just $9.99-19.99/month!) than hiring a social media manager or marketing service, it also gives you the ability to take creative control where you want to and make it yours as you see fit.

Every month, Restate Social creates daily customizable social media posts and captions that you can post on Facebook and Instagram. Never wonder what to post or how to market yourself on social media again – Restate Social takes all of the guess work out of it by designing all of your social media posts for you with our professional graphic designers and marketing experts.

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