If you’re on the hunt for high-quality real estate social media templates that actually get engagement and boost your brand, it may feel like a never-ending search! There are a lot of options online, but many aren’t going to get you results or make your brand as a real estate agent stand out and feel professional & cohesive.

We’re sharing 27 amazing real estate agent social media posts today so you can create a winning Realtor social media marketing strategy and level up your social accounts! These templates include Instagram & Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and more. We’ll even share a few tips on where to get the best real estate templates and how you can make your weekly marketing tasks super easy so you’re not spending hours and hours on it, while still getting new leads and clients!

Social Media Posts

3 Steps to Buying a Home This Spring

Put home buyer minds at ease with a social media post that lays out the buying process in 3 steps! These quick tips paired with an eye-catching design make for a perfect post.

Choose 2 Living Room Must-Haves

Drum up some engagement with a fun home-related poll! People love to share their opinions online, and this is a great way to relate it back to real estate and get engagement on your posts so you gain more visibility on social media.

Spring Renovation Checklist

Help homeowners stay on top of their home maintenance with this spring home maintenance checklist! This post shares a lot of value, is super shareable (and saveable!) and even helps attract home sellers.

I Am the Key to Your Home Goals

Let viewers know that you’re there for them as a trusted real estate agent with this cute and snappy social media post. With a modern design and messaging that puts their needs first, while simultaneously reminding them you’re an agent, this is an ideal social media post to share!

How to Become a Homeowner

Help viewers with their homeowner dreams by sharing the simple home buying steps they can take to accomplish their goal. Share these tips on a white or other high-contrast background to make it pop in the social media feed!

What Makes Up Your Property Value?

Many homeowners and sellers don’t know what goes into determining their property value – a lot tend to think it’s whatever their Zillow Zestimate says it is! Share your knowledge with a post that details what actually goes into property value determination, and share in the caption that you’d be happy to give post viewers a free home valuation!

Spring Bucket List

Target your local residents, buyers & sellers by sharing a spring bucket list for your area! You can keep it broad (like above) or customize it and make it specific to your location. People are always looking for things to do and how to enjoy their spring so this is a great post to share, whether you keep it generalized or go for a more localized audience!

Home Loan Facts

Home loans are confusing to most people so break down the basics with this informative & elegantly designed social media post. This is a great way to share your knowledge and attract potential home buyers as they commonly have questions and confusion around home loans & financing.

What is a Rent-Back?

One of the keys to social media success is pairing scroll-stopping images with education that shows off your expertise. This post does both beautifully by explaining a somewhat-common real estate term that viewers may not understand already – but now they will, thanks to your post!

How to Make Your Home Feel Larger

Whether viewers are looking to sell their home and make it look as spacious and fabulous as possible, or your viewer is just a homeowner wanting to make their home feel as large and open as it can be, this is a great social media post to share your value and expertise as an agent. Share a few quick tips on how to make their home feel spacious, these can be tips like adding mirrors, cleaning windows to get more natural light in, or adding fresh, neutral paint to the walls or painting built-in features like cabinets!

Instagram Stories Templates

Should You Do an Open House?

Many sellers are apprehensive about open houses and there can be some confusion on whether or not they’re beneficial to the selling process. Share an Instagram Story that highlights the benefits of an open house so sellers can better understand the positives and you can attract potential seller clients.

Market Update

Sharing some fast facts about your current real estate market’s conditions is a great way to keep local viewers informed and subtly remind them of your real estate services. We love this elegant subdued design!

Monthly Homeowner Checklist

Share a short home owner checklist that’s personalized for the month you’re in. These quick maintenance tips will help them keep their home in tip top shape, while also reminding them you’re a knowledgeable local real estate agent that’s always there to offer wisdom and your help!

Loans That Don't Require a 20% Downpayment

It’s a common misconception that in order to buy a home, buyers need to put 20% down for a loan on a property. However, that’s simply not the case! Share with viewers (and potential buyers) that they have other options so there’s nothing stopping them from starting their new home search!

Spring Break Staycations

Whether it’s spring break or another time in the year, life is stressful and busy – people need a vacation! Help them take a dreamy staycation right in your own area by sharing great staycation ideas. You can include amenities and things to do in your city, or nearby weekend getaway options if you think that would pique your social media viewers’ interest!

How to Create a Budget For New Home Expenses

Budgeting for a new home can be really intimidating to home buyers and they might not know where to start, especially if they’re first time home buyers. Share helpful tips to help them budget for their new home, and know that by sharing knowledge you’re putting yourself front & center in viewers’ minds when they’re ready to make a home purchase!

Who You Work With Matters

As an agent, you know that who home buyers and sellers choose to work with is so important! Help them realize it’s essential that they choose wisely, and share your experience and how you’re different from the competition. It’s time to stand out!

Let's Tour Your Dream Home

Encourage buyers to start their house hunting journey with you by sharing photos of a beautiful new listing! Sometimes buyers just need that nudge to get started and these eye-catching visuals and “dream home” messaging are the perfect way to help them take the next step and give you a call to get started.

Contract to Closing Timeline

Educate buyers & sellers on the typical closing timeline so they’re prepared when they decide to take the next steps of buying or listing their home! This story easily lays out a simple timeline but you can always adjust it and add additional details that are specific to your area and what you’ve experienced as an agent.

Looking For a New Home?

Not every social media post or Story has to be jam-packed with information. Sometimes a simple story that reminds potential buyers that you’re an experienced, local real estate agent and there to help is all you need!

Instagram Reels Templates

Contract to Closing Timeline

Moving to be closer to schools or other daily activities is a huge driver of home buyers. Make an Instagram Reel about what your potential buyers can do with all their extra time, now that they’re not driving so far every day. You can be as silly as you want with this, or just share that they’ll now have time to actually enjoy breakfast or coffee in the morning.

3 Best Staycations in Your Area

Help locals enjoy their home even more with 3 great staycation ideas! Take quick videos of each idea and caption it. You can do simple ideas like a walk in a certain park, going to your favorite restaurant or local coffee shop, or share nearby weekend getaway ideas.

Essential Home Maintenance Tips

Homeowners always tend to have a lot on their plate, after all that’s where the saying “the joy’s of homeownership” comes from – there’s always something that needs fixing or tweaking! Share 5 seasonal home maintenance tips to help homeowners keep their property in tip-top shape.

Day in the Life

Day in the Life Reels are popular and for good reason: they give viewers a little glimpse into your daily life! Think about how popular reality TV shows are – people love to see how other people live. Whether you’re doing a showing, filling out paperwork, working on your marketing, or grabbing a coffee, it’s easy to share quick little videos of what a typical day looks like for you.

Here's What [$AMOUNT] Looks Like in Your City

Potential home buyers and sellers alike want to know about market conditions and what the typical home is going for in their city. Share a few short clips of local listings or homes you’ve toured that shows viewers what they can get in a certain budget in your town.

3 Things to Do Before House Hunting

Help potential home buyers be prepared for the process before they start the house hunting journey with a few tips on what they can expect. This includes getting their pre-approval letter so they know their budget, knowing their must-have’s and dealbreaker items, and more – you decide what’s most important to buyers in your area!

3 Home Organization Tips

Getting their home organized and clean is usually at the top of most homeowner’s to-do lists. That being said, it can be hard to stay on top of everything! Share 3 home organization tips to help people make their homes feel neat and orderly – you can share what works best for you (especially if you have a unique system or idea!) or just share some common tips that will help them keep their homes comfy, clean and tidy.

Free vs Paid Social Media Templates

While you’ll be able to find free real estate social media templates online, it’s important to know that free templates tend to be lower quality and they’re really only one piece of the puzzle. Having a daily social media post template from expert marketers combined with engaging copy is really what’s going to set you apart, and that’s what we strive to provide our members with at Restate Social

Where to Get the Best Social Media Templates

At Restate Social, our members get access to premium real estate social media post templates and captions that are designed by marketing experts. We spend all day, every day doing research and making the best marketing materials possible for our members so they can save time, customize and schedule their content, and get back to doing what they do best: making their clients’ real estate dreams come true! Learn more about the daily social media posts we offer, as well as all of the email marketing, ads, mail marketing materials, Reels, postcards and more that our members get designed for them every single month – just click here!

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