Staying on top of the latest real estate news, marketing ideas, and industry trends is essential to being top agent – and the best Realtor you can be!

So, if you’re looking for a few real estate blogs to add to your weekly reading line up, or even your daily morning routine, check out the list below.

Whether you’re searching for industry news, agent training and strategies, or you just want to get inspired by some of the amazing homes on the market throughout the country or world, you’ll find the right real estate blog for you on this list!


We’ve divided up our must-read list of real estate blogs for Realtors into 5 categories:

  1. Best Real Estate Blog For Marketing
  2. Best Real Estate Agent Training Blogs
  3. Best Real Estate News Blogs
  4. Best Luxury Real Estate Blogs
  5. Best Real Estate Investing Blogs

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What Makes a Great Real Estate Blog?

While there are a lot of options out there, the best real estate blogs are not only informative, but they’re engaging and grab the readers attention with topics they care about, actionable advice, and are written in a way that’s easy for those in the industry to understand and learn from. A few other key elements of a great real estate blog are:


High-Quality Content

A blog is nothing without content that is informative, helpful and actionable. When looking for your favorite blog to add to your reading routine, make sure it’s full of content that makes you a better agent. Don’t just read to fill the time, read to improve your life!


Loading Speed

There’s nothing more annoying than a website that takes forever to load. This makes for a poor user experience and looks unprofessional. Look for a blog that has fast-load times for the best experience possible.


Consistent Posting

The world of real estate can move extremely fast – whether it’s with news, trends, or marketing strategies. Make sure you’re spending your time on blogs that consistently add new content so you can keep your edge and stay on top of all the best tools and ideas to help you excel in your real estate career.


Mobile View

Many blog viewers will be on mobile devices, meaning the mobile view for blog posts needs to be a great experience. Blogs need to be build properly to display content correctly on smaller screens, and have easy navigability from mobile devices. 

These are just a few key factors we considered when making our list of the best real estate blogs of 2023, we hope you enjoy it!


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Best Real Estate Blogs For Marketing

Restate Social Blog

Who Should Read It: Ambitious real estate agents looking to improve their marketing and digital presence

Why It’s Great: Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think it’s a great read 😉. Our blog is tailored to real estate agents that are either struggling with their social media and marketing, or are just looking to level up their marketing game! We share actionable tips, step-by-step guides, social media templates, strategies and more to help real estate agents hone in on their ideal audience, increase their brand awareness, and reach new clients. Check out more of our articles here!

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Broke Agent Media

Who Should Read It: Agents that want a little humor with their advice

Why It’s Great:  Broke Agent Media has made quite the name for themselves on Instagram as The Broke Agent. While on their social media account you’ll find memes and skits that make you LOL, their blog is actually full of really great advice for real estate agents to market themselves on social media. 

Ryan Serhant’s Blog

Who Should Read It: Real estate agents that want to build a strong personal brand (and that are fans of Million Dollar Listing!)

Why It’s Great: Ryan Serhant is one of real estate television’s boldest personalities, and now on his blog, he shares wisdom and strategy for branding yourself as an agent, as well as marketing ideas. It’s the perfect blog for agents that are looking to build a brand around themselves, while becoming the best in their local market. Learn from an iconic agent and maybe you’ll become a household name too!

The Close

Who Should Read It: Agents that want reviews of the hottest industry tools, marketing tactics, lead generation strategies and more.

Why It’s Great: The Close is one of our all-time-favorite blogs because it offers such a huge amount of agent information and free education! It’s not often you find a website that’s committed to helping agents truly become the best version of themselves. If you’re looking to read a little bit of everything from a blog you can trust – check out The Close.

Kyle Handy

Who Should Read It: All agents

Why It’s Great: With lots of great blog posts covering real estate marketing and branding, you can find lots of great advice and insight into the real estate industry!

Lab Coat Agents

Who Should Read It: Agents looking for marketing and content tips

Why It’s Great: Lab Coat Agents focuses on giving agents short blog posts full of valuable insight, without being bogged down by fluff and filler. Check the LCA blog out for sales scripts, marketing strategies, social media how-to’s and even advice on the latest real estate tech and tools.

Keeping Current Matters

Who Should Read It: Agents that want to create viral social media content

Why It’s Great: If you’re looking to share quick, consumable real estate content on social media, Keeping Current Matters is an excellent resource. Many agents use their infographics and articles to share on social media – the premium plan replaces their branding with your own for more credible sharing. Be aware that you’ll be sharing a lot of the same information that’s already out there and it could look spammy – but it’s still a great way to share value while also keeping yourself up to date on industry data.

Best Real Estate Agent Training Blogs

AgentFire’s The Spark Blog

Who Should Read It: Agents that want valuable marketing tips

Why It’s Great: The Spark covers a large variety of topics, but they often touch on things many other blogs ignore like hosting virtual open houses, collecting leads from your website, and other marketing strategies that are helpful to more advanced agents.

American Genius Real Estate

Who Should Read It: Agents that want their advice with a little entrepreneurial flair

Why It’s Great: Not to be confused with the American Genius Real Estate blog is extremely informative, and even entertaining. While they report on the news, you’ll also learn other tips and tricks for the modern entrepreneur like improving your morning routine, managing employees, improving your web presence and how to maximize your impact with blogging.

Tom Ferry’s Blog

Who Should Read It: New agents that have a lot to learn, seasoned agents that need new techniques

Why It’s Great: Tom Ferry is always sharing valuable information – whether it’s on the blog, social media, or through videos. He offers tons of advice that’s helpful to both new and seasoned agents that are looking to generate more leads and market themselves more effectively.

Agent Advice

Who Should Read It: All agents

Why It’s Great: Agent Advice is unique because it was written by real estate agents for real estate agents. It covers topics like marketing strategies, how to increase sales, and even marketing trends. Any agent can find value in their content selection, regardless of their experience level.

Elite Agent

Who Should Read It: All agents

Why It’s Great: With an entire team dedicated to publishing content, there’s never any shortage of reading to be had on Elite Agent. If you’re looking for a real estate blog dedicated to covering breaking real estate news, agent training and education, real estate events and refreshing blog content, check out Elite Agent!

Agent Drive

Who Should Read It: All agents and property owners

Why It’s Great: From marketing hacks to home inspection tips, there’s plenty of content for both real estate agents and property owners on Agent Drive. In addition to reading great content, this blog allows agents to submit guest posts. This can be a great way to get exposure to property owners and buyers, as well as build your credibility!

Best Real Estate News Blogs

Housing Wire

Who Should Read It: Real estate agents that like to keep on top of the industry news and latest tech

Why It’s Great: Another one of our favorites, Housing Wire is an amazing resource for all things real estate. Here you can find more than marketing tips and sales strategy, you can find country-wide real estate news to the latest advancements in real estate tech.

Realty Biz News

Who Should Read It: Agents that like to keep up to date on current real estate events

Why It’s Great: While you’ll find blog posts on marketing and social media on Realty Biz News, they’re known for their coverage of industry advancements, real estate tech, and housing market information. This site attracts not only agents with its large amount of content, but also house flippers and investors, brokers, and other financial professionals.

Realty Times

Who Should Read It: Agents and brokers

Why It’s Great: In addition to the news and advice it provides for real estate agents and brokers, Realty Times also writes great content for buyers, sellers, renters and homeowners! This can be super helpful for inspiration on what to write for your own real estate content or share snippets of wisdom with your audience from this blog (while giving proper credit of course).

The World Property Journal

Who Should Read It: All agents and brokers

Why It’s Great: If you want to read international real estate news, The World Property Journal is for you. With content on residential, commercial, and even vacation real estate from all around the world, there’s never a shortage of reading opportunities on this blog. 


Who Should Read It: New York real estate professionals

Why It’s Great: In a wild market like New York, it’s essential to stay on top of trends and industry news so you can best serve your clientele. This blog features all things development, real estate and even renovation in the NYC market.

National Association of Realtors

Who Should Read It: All REALTORS and real estate professionals

Why It’s Great: The vast majority of real estate agents in the United States are REALTORS ® – meaning if you’re a real estate agent reading this right now, you’re probably a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). The NAR website is one of the very best resources you have available to you as an agent. It delivers all of the latest industry news, as well as content on real estate pop culture, economic outlooks and housing stats, real estate tech, and articles about remodeling and staging homes.

Biz Journals

Who Should Read It: All real estate professionals

Why It’s Great: While the main focus of Biz Journals is to provide financial news, the website has a ton of real estate-centric content that is essential for real estate professionals trying to stay current on economic and business news that impacts real estate. Filter by city/locale and see what news you can learn about your local market, as well as stay current with new developments and construction in your area.

Best Luxury Real Estate Blogs

Corcoran Inhabit

Who Should Read It: Luxury agents who love a lifestyle magazine-vibe

Why It’s Great: Corcoran’s Inhabit blog makes you feel like you’re flipping through the pages of a luxury lifestyle magazine rather than simply a blog. Check it out for endless real estate and luxury inspiration that will make you a little sad to come back to reality. This blog is great for day dreaming or modeling a luxury blog for your brokerage, team or your own real estate brand – it’s the perfect inspiration site!

Dirt (Now Part of Robb Report)

Who Should Read It: Luxury agents or anyone that likes to view the homes of the rich & famous

Why It’s Great: Whether you’re a luxury agent that’s keeping a pulse on the current market, or you just enjoy looking at stunning, high-end homes, Dirt is where you want to be. Dirt shares all the latest celebrity real estate gossip and listing photos, it’s perfect for day dreaming.

Elliman Insider

Who Should Read It: Luxury agents and brokers in New York, California, Colorado, and Connecticut

Why It’s Great: If you’re in one of their largest markets (see above), you’ll be treated to tons of stunning luxury real estate, neighborhood features, and instructional and educational articles for luxury buyers and sellers.

Mansion Global

Who Should Read It: Luxury agents and brokers

Why It’s Great: Mansion Global is more than just pretty pictures and celebrity listings, it offers insightful content around market trends, architectural history, and of course, luxury lifestyle.

Best Real Estate Investing Blogs

Bigger Pockets

Who Should Read It: Real estate investors, real estate professionals that work with/want to work with investors

Why It’s Great: Bigger Pockets is the ultimate real estate investor’s guide. Spend 5 minutes perusing the website and you’ll find a treasure trove of information on everything you need to know for any type of real estate investing. You can even see real-time discussions happening in the forums where experienced investors and real estate experts trade wisdom with the rookies. This blog teaches its viewers everything they need to know about investing, and as a real estate agent that wants to work with investors, it’s all important information for you to learn too!

Fortune Builders

Who Should Read It: Real estate investors, real estate professionals that work with/want to work with investors

Why It’s Great: Fortune Builders blog is full of incredibly in-depth, value-filled articles written by experienced investors. If you want to learn investing from those that have succeeded in the business, this is the place to do it.

Calculated Risk

Who Should Read It: Real estate investors, real estate professionals that work with/want to work with investors

Why It’s Great: With a name perfectly suited for this site, you’ll be unsurprised to find it’s a blog full of amazing investment content! Calculated Risk is written by a full-time financial and economics blogger, with content geared towards predicting and reporting on economic developments in the real estate industry.

Market Watch

Who Should Read It: Real estate investors, real estate professionals that work with/want to work with investors

Why It’s Great: While technically a news site, the Market Watch real estate section is essential for any agent or real estate investor looking to make sound investing decisions. Stay up to date on the market and national trends so you know you’re making the best choice for your investing strategy.