Hey real estate agents, are you posting enough Instagram Reels? With Instagram shifting to favoring video-focused content, implementing Reels into your social media strategy is more important than ever. In addition to boosting you in Instagram’s algorithm (they love it when you play by their rules and create content that encourages video consumption!), Reels also give you a unique opportunity to let your personality shine, share your real estate wisdom, and create local authority. 

Reels help you get in front of your ideal client, so if you aren’t already taking advantage of this type of content, you should!


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So if you’re ready to dive into the world of Reels, here are 5 Reel ideas for real estate agents in September of 2023 and some tips for making engaging Reels.

Quick Tips For Reels

The shorter the better. While you can record a video up to 60 seconds in length, Reels are best served in short doses. This is because A) people have short attention spans and B) shorter videos are more likely to be watched several times, or looped in the background while people read your caption. This shows Instagram people like your content (after all, they’re watching it multiple times), and that they should show it to more people!

Educate and inform. Reels are super important for real estate agents to showcase their expertise so they can stand out from their competition – and there tends to be a a lot of it. Anyone can say they’re “experienced” and “knowledgeable.” Reels gives you the opportunity to show it so create high-quality Reels that feature your unique blend of know-how!

Enthusiasm is essential. If you’re doing face-forward Reels, make sure you’ve got a smile or some other enthusiastic expression going! People don’t want to watch someone that seems like they don’t care or don’t want to be there. If you want viewers to be engaged and eager to watch more, you need to show them you’re happy and excited to be there, making excellent content for them!

Use trending audio. Picking trending audio is a must for anyone that wants to maximize their views and have the best chance of reaching new leads and clients. Restate Social creates Reel scripts, instructions, and examples (including which trending audio to use for each video) every month for our members to make this super easy. But if you’re not into easy, you can find trending audio within the app by looking for the little arrow graphic next to the audio in your library. You can also research it online or just draw from what audio you’re seeing used over and over again in your own feed.

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5 Best Reel Ideas For Real Estate Agents in September 2023

1. Inventory Update

Give it to buyers straight by updating them on your local market inventory. Stats are excellent to include, as well as photos of current listings that move along quickly (think 1-2 seconds max per picture) to showcase what’s available in the area. One of them might grab a potential buyer’s eye!


2. Model Home Tour

Everyone loves a gorgeous model home, so this one is sure to get a good amount of views. Touring model homes and posting the videos (with permission of course) is a great way to see for yourself what’s available in your market for buyers that are interested in new construction, as well as show that you’re busy, out and about, and have new construction expertise – all things potential clients want to see!


3. Inspector Interview

Meet up with a local inspector to do a quick collaboration (or even turn it into a longer Youtube video to provide maximum value and create another source for leads). You could also squeeze this in if you’re meeting one at a home that’s under contract for your buyer or seller – two birds, one stone! Ask them a few questions (5-7 is best) about what buyers can expect from a home inspection, common problems he finds in your area, as well as important things and red flags to look out for.


4. 6 Reasons You Should Buy Instead of Rent

Leases are up all the time and there’s still a lot of people thinking about buying in the near future. Take advantage of the former-renter market by encouraging them to become home owners. Share 6 of your best reasons they should stop paying a landlord and start building equity in a new home (that you can help them find)!


5. Review a local bar, restaurant, or other hot spot

You want to be the local expert in your area. That means being a tour guide of sorts, showing residents you’re an active, engaged community member and potential residents all that your town has to offer. Visit a local restaurant, bar or other hot spot, shoot a few quick clips and include your review either on the screen or in the caption below – don’t forget to tag the establishment!


Note: It’s probably best to keep this review on the positive side. If you have a bad experience, we’d recommend keeping it out of the video and moving on to another spot that you find recommendation-worthy!

For more Reels ideas, join Restate Social! We provide members with examples, instructions and scripts for Instagram Reels to boost their business every month. 

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