Most agents have no idea where to start when it comes to their social media marketing, it’s super common. Have you ever felt like you want to get started but just have no idea where to begin?

Marketing on social media can feel overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes, downright impossible to do right! If you’re struggling to get started, join the hundreds of agents using our affordable and eye-catching customizable templates to create an amazing social media presence and attract new clients every week! You can learn more about those templates here.

If you’re ready to become a social media marketing expert and elevate your social media, read on to see our top marketing tips you can easily implement in just 7 days.

Day 1

Optimize your Instagram account with keywords. Add them to your username, display name, and bio. These keywords will help people find you in the search bar, as well as the algorithm so make sure they’re specific to your profession and market. Some examples would be: real estate, real estate agent, and Realtor. As well as your city or area name.

Day 2

Create a free resource to get the email addresses of potential clients. Email marketing is a super powerful tool and one of the best ways to get new clients and nurture past clients. This helps you get repeat business and referrals!

To do this, think about a resource you can offer in exchange for an email address. Some ideas are:

  • Free market report
  • Buyer guide
  • Seller guide
  • Buyer/seller checklists
  • Exclusive market insights
  • Free consultation
  • Guide to increasing their home value

At Restate Social, we include many of these free resource ideas as templates (under Real Estate Printables) that you can customize and use as a client-attracting freebie or any other marketing purpose. We offer everything you need for successful real estate agent marketing in our monthly subscription (with more templates added every month!) Check out our free resource and social media templates here!

Once you have your free resource, you’ll want to set up a landing page or form in your Instagram Link in Bio that you can use to collect those email addresses. Then, set up an email automation sequence that automatically sends the email with the freebie to the client at the email address they’ve inputted. Then add them your regular marketing newsletter or specific campaigns.

Day 3

Start getting story engagement. One of the best ways to start building your online presence is through stories. They feel personal and are quick to film. Jump on your story (show everyone that smiling face!) and ask viewers what they want to learn more about this week in regards to real estate. Add a question box or a poll sticker that has a few options like “home hacks,” “market update,” “how to purchase your first home,” etc.

Day 4

Interact with other accounts. The best way to become an expert in your area is to get to know people in your area! There are a couple of ways to find potential clients to interact with: 

  1. Find other real estate agent or company pages in your area on Instagram and look at who’s commenting and liking the pictures. Go to their profiles if they’re public and start commenting on their pictures. Steer clear of any real estate talk or trying to set up an appointment, keep it light and conversational.
  2. Find related business/influencer pages in your area where you can do the same conversational-style strategy as the previous option. Related businesses/influencers would be those in the renovation space, home decor, real estate investing, mortgage brokers, or other similar home and real estate-related services.

Day 5

Film a Reel in response to one of your question box or poll responses that answers the question or covers the topic. Film in good light and make sure it’s quick and engaging. Create a Reel cover photo in Canva that adds text that explains what the video is about, as well as features a professional photo of yourself, and upload that with your Reel.

Day 6

Film another Reel. Tell a story about one of your home buying or selling experiences and how you helped a client. Ideas: 

  • How you helped a client win the house with 10 other offers on the table
  • How you negotiated $20k off the purchase price
  • How you got your seller $50k over as price
  • How you took your client through 30 homes and after 12 months FINALLY found the perfect home (and it was all worth it)

Day 7

Share Instagram stories of your current listings (or hot listings in your area) using a Restate Social template (we have tons of eye-catching options) or your own design.

Highlight the features buyers will be most excited to see and offer to set up tours if anyone is interested.

There you have it! Our tried and true marketing tips for 7 days of brand-elevating marketing. We hope this helps you keep growing your business and generate more leads!

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