As 2023 comes to a close, you may be looking for ways to spruce up your real estate marketing for the winter and the year ahead. With so many agents on social media, and in your local area, it can feel really hard to stand out and actually get noticed by your ideal clients… that is, if you’re not willing to shell out the big bucks on advertising!

If you’re not looking to spend thousands each month on advertising, we don’t blame you! There’s a better way.



With strategic marketing materials crafted each month by marketing experts, you can easily create an amazing online presence with social media posts, ads, Instagram Reels, emails and graphics – all designed to impress your current clients and attract new ones! With Restate Social, you get access to an entire month of planned content, both online and with mail marketing materials as well, ensuring you reach as many people as possible and grow your brand with ease. Learn more here!


If you want to dominate your local market, it’s crucial to up your game with super focused, effective marketing ideas. Winter is the perfect time to start planning and getting your plans in motion, not only for the busy spring and summer seasons ahead, but also so you can sustain your business through the winter months and still reach new clients.


We’ve put together 10 fresh real estate marketing ideas for winter so you can start reaching new clients and stand out in the sea of real estate agents online, and in person. 

7 Best Winter Real Estate Marketing Ideas

1. Winter Networking Events


At Restate Social, we design event plans for our members each month so they can grow their brand and client list. Events are an amazing way to meet people in your community, and by hosting the event you’re putting your name front and center in their mind so that when they do decide to make a home purchase, sell there property, or know someone in the market, they’ll be thinking of you.


A great event is timed to the season, and is something that people want to attend (especially if it includes their family members). Great event ideas to meet new clients for the winter are:


    • Pictures with Santa
    • Holiday gift toy drive
    • Holiday charity fundraiser
    • Food or clothes drive
    • Christmas cookie decorating contest

All of these events will require a little bit of planning on your part but are an amazing way to stand out as a real estate agent and provide an opportunity to meet and greet people to create a strong connection.



2. Eye-Catching Social Media Posts


We’ve all been on social media and scrolled, scrolled, scrolled before. It can be difficult to create images that pop and get people to stop and pay attention! We design awesome social media posts for our members (captions and images) for every day of the month, and there’s a few tips we have to share about creating a strong social media presence:


Use High-Quality Visuals


Use high-resolution images and professional photography (including quality stock photos) for all of your images and graphics on social media.


Encourage Interaction


Your captions are the perfect place to ask a question or encourage engagement with your posts. This helps improve your visibility on social media and makes it more likely people in your area (or looking to buy in your area) find you!


Share Your Knowledge


Social media is where you get to show your personality and your knowledge to current and potential clients. Establish yourself as a local expert by sharing information about the community, local events, and market trends.



3. Holiday Greeting Cards


Take your post-card game one step further with holiday cards! These aren’t just for friends and family, but are for entire neighborhoods, zip codes, and nearby small businesses. Create festive cards you can send out that wish people a happy holidays, while also showing them that you’re a local real estate agent that’s ready to help them reach their real estate goals this coming year.

4. Create Winter-Themed Digital Materials


In the marketing world, a common secret we use as experts is called a “lead magnet.” This is a freebie of some sort that you can give out digitally in exchange for contact information (usually a name and email address).


This simple concept is an amazingly powerful tool to grow your contact list so you can continually market to leads via email. This process “warms up” your leads and helps them to get to know you, so when they are in the market to buy or sell a home, they think of you.


People work with people that they know, like, and trust, winter lead magnets open the door for that connection to begin! Some ideas include:


    • Holiday Home Buyer Guide (this is our lead magnet we’ve designed for Restate Social members to use this month!)
    • Staging Guide
    • FSBO Guide
    • Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
    • Winter Moving Checklist
    • Guide to the best locations to take family holiday pictures
    • Free consultation

Anything can be a lead magnet! Get creative with a winter-themed digital material that you think buyers and sellers would be eager to have in your market.



5. Offer Winter Open House Attendance Incentives


Open houses in the winter can be challenging to get traffic to because buyers are busy with the holidays and reluctant to leave their homes in the cold, dreary weather. To combat this, offer open house incentives to encourage potential buyers to get out the door and into your listing. A few popular ideas are:


    • Light refreshments and snacks
    • Branded gifts
    • Hosting a raffle or contest for gift cards

6. Giving Back to Boost Engagement


The holidays are a great time of year to give back to your community, and help those in your community aid those in need! The holidays makes people feel thankful and more likely to donate to charity and get involved. As a real estate agent, you see how transformational the perfect home can be for people, but not everyone is that fortunate to have the perfect home. How can you give back to those in the community that are struggling, and even make connections in your community while doing good (and helping others do good too)? Here’s a few ideas:


    • Raise money for a charity at your open house events
    • Create an online fundraiser through your social media channels
    • Sponsor a local sports team, league, or club
    • Serve hot meals at the local homeless shelter (or make donations)
    • Host a clothing and food drive

7. Host a Home Decorating Contest


Get people in your community engaged in real estate and the holidays at the same time! You can do that with a fun and festive home decorating contest on your social media page. Promote it as an ad, or spread the news in your neighborhood! Give the winner a gift card and make sure you put your branding everywhere during your promotions, as well as in a personal note you attach to the gift card.