As a real estate agent, consistently getting leads is at the heart of your business. In fact, having a full pipeline and strategies to continue getting leads in the future is what sets successful agents apart from the rest.

Knowing where your next leads, and subsequently your next commission, is coming from is key to building a solid real estate business. Just relying on friends and family to send referrals your way isn’t a reliable way to build your business. You need to take control and put simple but strategic systems in place to make sure you’re reeling in those home buyer leads and seller clients on a regular basis!

So how do you get consistent leads and steadily grow your real estate business? Read on for 7 sure-fire ways to get leads as a real estate agent.

1. Frequently Host Open Houses

There’s a reason hosting open houses is a staple when it comes to getting leads and increasing your brand visibility, it’s because it works! Hosting an open house (even if it’s not for your listing) is an effective way to build your base of real estate buyers. Introduce yourself toe very potential buyer as they walk in the door and collect their contact information. Most won’t want to fill out your sign in sheet or will give you fake information, you can combat this by offering them a lead magnet, or a freebie. This can be anything from a neighborhood guide you’ve put together or a current market report. Restate Social members: you can access your monthly lead magnet that’s been designed for you to utilize, or use one of the many guide templates from the Branding Library – access both from your Member Dashboard and get them ready for your next open house!

Don’t have a current listing? Offer to host one for another agent at your brokerage. You can usually just ask around the office, post on your brokerage Facebook page, or ask your broker to help you coordinate an open house to host for another agent. 

2. Create Scroll-Stopping Social Media Content

We’re living in a digital world and that means leveling up your social media game is a necessity. We don’t mean posting a “Just Listed” post and random pictures on your social media, then sitting back and waiting for leads. That’s not a strategy!

Make social media work for you by educating your audience, showcasing your knowledge, and reminding everyone you’re the go-to source for their real estate needs. Rotate your social media posts between reach content that connects with a larger audience, nurture content that is more specific and speaks to your ideal clients, and connect & convert content that includes strong calls to action to encourage your viewers to contact you or download your resources. Learn more about this content and how you can easily implement it (with examples!) with our free Instagram Growth Guide here.

Restate Social Members: we’ve made it easy for you, you get all of this strategy already baked into your pre-designed daily social media posts and captions, all you have to do is customize & post!

3. Become the Local Expert

Knowing your city like the back of your hand is essential to being a successful real estate agent so you can field any question that comes your way. Establish your credibility by sharing details about your city, upcoming events and happenings, spotlight different neighborhoods and its amenities, things to do and weekend activities, nearby staycations and special experiences only your town can offer,  all on social media and through email and mail newsletters.

4. Throw a Party!

In addition to consistently posting on social media, and sending out strategic emails and mailers, an amazing way to stay top of mind and even meet more people is with a party or get-together. There are plenty of excuses to throw a party that includes your entire sphere, from the Super Bowl to the Kentucky Derby, or just an awesome backyard barbecue on a nice summer day. Invite your friends and family, and encourage them to bring some of their friends and co-workers to the event.

After all, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), more than a third of buyer used an agent they already knew or one that was referred by someone in their sphere last year. It really is about who you know – and who you know, knows!

Restate Social Members: you get a new event planned out for you each month, complete with marketing materials! Take your party-planning a step further and make it a full-fledged networking event with tons of people in your community with your monthly plan.

5. Use Every-Door-Direct-Mail (EDDM) to Reach Entire Communities

Direct mailing is still a super effective way to reach new people and generate buyer & seller leads. Get your name out there with a strategic mail campaign that won’t just get thrown in the trash, it gets stuck in the refrigerator with a magnet or saved for later. That means sending a calendar for the year, upcoming events newsletter, a booklet that lists all the upgrades a homeowner can make to increase the value of their home, or a perfectly timed postcard. 

6. Make Video Tours

Buyers want to see what life is like in a city, neighborhood or home before they make the move. Help them envision their new lifestyle with videos that showcase entire neighborhoods and the local amenities, walk-through tours of properties you’re listing (or of hot properties listed by others, with their permission of course!), or day-in-the-life style videos that share things to do or what you and your family get to enjoy on a daily basis because you live there. Post these on Instagram as Reels, on Facebook as videos and use Youtube for longer videos that link to your website!

7. Build an Email List

Collect email addresses from website visitors, open house attendees, and other leads to nurture relationships through targeted email marketing campaigns.

Generating leads is the life blood of any real estate business so learning the right strategies and having the right tools to make it a streamlined, successful process is key to having a healthy, thriving real estate career! Reading all of the tips and tricks online is one thing but actually implementing those strategies every week and reaping the rewards is another. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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