Restate Social Affiliates

Welcome to our affiliate program! We’re so excited to have you as part of the team.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy! Create your own unique posts, or easily customize the provided ones below to start sharing your code and promoting Restate Social on any of your preferred media channels. The more sign ups you get, the more commission you’ll receive!

So go ahead, look around. Then start planning your content as you usually would, while adding in posts, stories, videos, blog posts (or whatever else you’d like to create!) sharing your affiliate code and encouraging new memberships to Restate Social.

The Program at a Glance

Share your new favorite real estate agent marketing tool kit with your office, network or on social media! Your fellow real estate agents will thank you.

With every member that joins, using your personal code, you’ll receive a 20% commission on that first sale. By using your code, we’ll keep track of your commissions and pay out earnings by the 5th of the following month.

Your code also gives anyone who signs up a free 7 day trial so they’re incentivized to use your code, rather than just sign up directly on our website. Memberships will count toward your commission once the newly joined member is out of this trial period and has not cancelled the service.

Social Media & Website Images

Feel free to create your own graphics and images for ads, social media posts, and sharing to your website! Below you’ll find our customizable templates that you can edit and add your own special twist to using Canva (go ahead and sign up for a free account now if you don’t already have one). 

Instagram Posts

Instagram Stories

Website Banners

Important Features

When talking about Restate Social, here are a few quick facts to help your audience understand the benefits & features members get to enjoy.

Every month, members get an action plan that lays out all social media posts and captions, email campaigns, video & Instagram Reel scripts, ads and other promotional ideas, for the month ahead. It’s like having a marketing team at a fraction of the cost!

In addition to all of the monthly suggested templates for social media, email, and ads, members get access to our entire library of hundreds marketing templates so they can build their brand and truly stand out.

Members get exclusive access to templates and tips for listing presentations, lead magnets and landing pages, animated social media posts, listing flyers, post cards, printable buyer & seller guides, and so much more – it’s like an entire digital marketing kit right at your finter tips!

In addition to the Six-Figure Agent Blueprint Course our new members can take, we offer premium trainings and education on how to take your marketing to the next level, automate your work load, and supercharge your lead generation – we make it so easy even beginners feel like marketing masters!


Reach out to us at support@restatesocial.com