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April 1

Let's Tour Your Dream Home

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Ready to ditch the endless scrolling and find that perfect place to call yours? Let’s make house hunting feel like a breeze and turn your dream home into a reality! 🏠 Whether you’re all about cozy vibes or sleek modern spaces, I’ve got your back. Let’s chat, grab some coffee, and start this exciting journey together!

#HouseHunting #dreamhome #Homebuyer #realestate #CITYrealtor #realestateagent #realestatetips #hometour

April 2

Buying or Selling a Home

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Buying or selling a home isn’t just about a transaction—it’s about securing your future! 🌟 With every home, there’s a story, a dream, and a vision for the future. 

As your trusted real estate agent, I’m here to guide you through every step of the process. Let’s make your real estate journey not just about buying or selling, but about crafting a future you’re excited to step into! 

#dreamhome #investinrealestate #buyingahome #sellingyourhome #HomeSellingTips #realestateagent #CITYrealtor 

April 3

Simple Ways to Refresh

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Feeling like your space needs a little pick-me-up? No need for a major overhaul! Here are some easy-peasy ways to give your home a fresh vibe:

🧼 Clean & Declutter: Sometimes, a good ol’ decluttering session is all it takes to breathe new life into your home!

🌿 Bring the Outdoors In: Add some leafy friends to your space for instant freshness and zen vibes.

💡 Let There Be Light: Update your lighting fixtures or switch to brighter bulbs to instantly brighten up any room.

🌟 Mirror, Mirror: Strategically place mirrors to bounce light around and make your space feel bigger and brighter.

Ready to give your home a little love? Let’s chat about how we can spruce things up together! 🏠

#homerenovation #hometips #realestatetips #realestateagent #homerefresh

April 4

Coffee Contracts Closings

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☕️ Just another day in the life of a busy real estate agent! From morning coffee meetings to finalizing contracts and celebrating closings, it’s all in a day’s work. 🎉

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, I’m here to make your real estate journey seamless and stress-free. With dedication, expertise, and a whole lot of coffee, we’ll turn your dreams into reality, one contract and closing at a time. 🔑

#realestateagent #realtoradvice #realtor #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestate #busyrealestateagent #dayinthelife

April 5

Average Lifespan of Features

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Hey there, homeowners and future homebuyers! Ever wonder how long your home features are designed to last?🏠

Keeping track of these lifespans can help you plan and budget for maintenance and upgrades in your home. And when you’re ready to explore your options or make a move, I’m here to help every step of the way! 💫

#realestatetips #hometips #homemaintenance #homeownertips #Homeownership  #CITYhouse #CITYrealtestateagent 

April 6

Professional Photos Matter

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When it comes to showcasing your home, first impressions are everything! 🌟 That’s why professional photography isn’t just a luxury—it’s an essential tool in capturing the true beauty and potential of your property.

Here’s why it matters:

🏠 Showcasing Your Home in its Best Light: Professional photographers know how to highlight the unique features and selling points of your home, making it irresistible to potential buyers.

📷 Attention to Detail: From the perfect angles to expertly composed shots, professional photographers have an eye for detail that elevates your listing above the rest.

🌟 Making a Lasting Impression: Stunning photos grab attention and leave a lasting impression, drawing in buyers and increasing interest in your property.

🏡 Stand Out in the Market: In a sea of listings, professional photos help your home stand out, increasing the likelihood of a quicker sale and maximizing your return on investment.

Ready to make a statement with your listing? Let’s chat about how professional photography can take your home selling experience to the next level!  

#ProfessionalPhotos #HomeSellingTips #StandOutListing #homeseller #realestateagent #homeforsale #CITYrealtor 

April 7

This Could Be Your New Home

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Picture yourself walking through the door of this charming abode—a place where memories are made and dreams come true. 🌟 With its cozy living spaces, inviting kitchen, and peaceful backyard retreat, this home has all the makings of your next chapter. Whether you’re cozying up by the fireplace or entertaining loved ones in the spacious backyard, every corner of this home is waiting to be filled with your laughter and joy. 🎉

Ready to turn this house into your dream home? Let’s make it happen! Reach out today to schedule a tour and take the first step toward making this vision a reality. 💫 

#YourNewHome #dreamhome #Homebuyer #homesweethome #Homeownership #realestateagent 

April 8

Home Is Where the Heart Is

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There’s something truly magical about finding the perfect place to call home. ✨ As a real estate agent, I’m honored to help my clients discover their own slice of paradise—a place where they can put down roots, build their dreams, and create a lifetime of cherished moments.

Whether you’re searching for a cozy starter home, a spacious family retreat, or an urban oasis, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this journey together and find the home that speaks to your heart. 🗝️💫

#HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs #homesweethome #dreamhome #newhome #Homebuyer #homeowner #realestateagent #realtor #CITYrealtor 

April 9

Financing Tips

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Ready to make your homeownership dreams a reality? 💭 Securing the right financing is a crucial step on your journey to owning your dream home. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process with confidence:

✅ Know Your Budget

Before you start house hunting, get pre-approved for a mortgage to determine how much you can afford. Knowing your budget will help you narrow down your options and avoid falling in love with homes that are out of reach.

✅ Understand Your Mortgage Options

Explore different types of mortgages, such as fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, FHA, and VA loans, to find the best fit for your financial situation and goals. Work with a mortgage lender to understand the terms, rates, and requirements of each option.

✅ Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score plays a significant role in determining your mortgage eligibility and interest rates. Take steps to improve your credit score by paying bills on time, reducing debt, and checking your credit report for errors.

✅ Save for a Down Payment and Closing Costs

Start saving for a down payment and closing costs well in advance of your home purchase. Aim to save at least 20% of the home’s purchase price for a down payment to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI) and factor in additional closing costs such as appraisal fees, title insurance, and escrow fees.

✅ Shop Around for the Best Rates

Don’t settle for the first mortgage offer you receive—shop around and compare rates from multiple lenders to find the best deal. Consider factors such as interest rates, loan terms, and closing costs when evaluating mortgage offers.

Navigating the world of home financing can feel overwhelming, but with the right knowledge and guidance, you can secure the financing you need to buy your dream home. As your trusted real estate agent, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Let’s make your homeownership dreams a reality! 🌟🏡 

#FinancingTips #HomeBuyers #RealEstateAdvice #realestatetips #newhome #homebuyer

April 10

Contract to Closing Timeline

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🏠 Ever wonder what happens between signing the contract and closing the deal on your dream home? Let’s break it down! Here’s a glimpse into the typical timeline:

📆 Under Contract

Once you’ve found the perfect home and your offer is accepted, you’ll enter the “under contract” phase. This is when both parties agree to the terms of the sale, and the clock starts ticking on the closing timeline.

📆 Inspections and Repair Negotiations

During this period, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct inspections and due diligence on the property. This may include home inspections, appraisals, surveys, and reviewing property disclosures. If the inspections reveal any issues with the property, negotiations may ensue regarding repairs or credits.

📆 Loan Processing and Underwriting

While inspections are underway, your lender will be processing your loan application and underwriting the mortgage. This involves verifying your financial information, appraising the property, and ensuring that all loan requirements are met.

📆 Final Walkthrough

Just before closing, you’ll typically conduct a final walkthrough of the property to ensure that any agreed-upon repairs have been completed and that the property is in the expected condition.

📆 Closing

The final step is the closing, where all parties sign the necessary paperwork, funds are transferred, and ownership of the property is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. This typically takes place at the title company’s office and usually lasts around 1-2 hours.

While the closing timeline can vary depending on various factors, including market conditions and financing issues, understanding the general process can help alleviate stress and ensure a smooth transition to homeownership. As your trusted real estate agent, I’m here to guide you through every step of the journey! 🔑 

#ContractToClosing #realestatetips #realtor #RealEstateAdvice #Homeownership #housetips #realtor #CITYrealestateagent

April 11

Selling a Unique Home

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🌟 Got a home with one-of-a-kind features? Let’s showcase its unique charm and make a lasting impression on potential buyers! From custom-built additions to stunning architectural details, unique features can be a major selling point for your home.

As your trusted real estate agent, I specialize in highlighting the distinctive qualities of your property and positioning it as a standout in the market. Whether it’s a cozy reading nook, a chef’s kitchen, or a backyard oasis, let’s shine a spotlight on what makes your home truly special.

With strategic marketing, creative staging, and expert negotiation skills, I’ll work tirelessly to attract the right buyers and secure the best possible price for your unique home. Let’s make your property the talk of the town and turn curiosity into offers! 🌟

#dreamhome #sellingyourhome #sellingtips #homeseller #Homeownership #RealEstateAdvice #realestatetips #CITYrealtor

April 12

List Before Summer

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Beat the heat and list your home before the summer rush! 

Here are 5 reasons why listing before summer could be your best move yet:

☀️ Beat the Competition

Spring and early summer are peak seasons for home sales. By listing now, you’ll stand out before the market gets flooded with competing properties.

☀️ Maximize Curb Appeal

Take advantage of the blooming season to showcase your home at its best. From vibrant flowers to lush green lawns, the visual appeal can significantly boost buyer interest.

☀️ Motivated Buyers

Buyers tend to be more motivated before summer hits. With tax refunds in hand and summer vacations on the horizon, they’re often ready to make a move quickly.

☀️ Higher Demand, Higher Price

As the weather warms up, so does the demand for homes. Capitalize on this trend by listing now and potentially fetching a higher price for your property.

☀️ Smooth Transition

Selling before summer means you can move into your new home before the busy summer months begin. Enjoy a seamless transition without the stress of moving during peak season.

Don’t wait until the summer heat to sell your home! Contact me today to discuss your listing options and make the most of the current market conditions. 🌟 

#RealEstate #homeforsale #homeseller #HomeSellingTips #homesweethome #homelisting #realestateagent #RealEstateAdvice #CITYrealestateagent 

April 13

Would You Rather

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What’s Your Ideal Neighborhood Vibe? 🤔✨

When it comes to choosing the perfect place to call home, everyone has their own priorities and preferences. What would you rather live close to?

☕️Trendy coffee shops

🏋️The gym

🛍️Shopping & boutiques

🌳 Hiking trails & parks

No matter what your ideal neighborhood vibe is, there’s a perfect place out there just waiting for you to call it home. Let’s chat about what matters most to you and start exploring your options! 🌟🏠 

#NeighborhoodVibes #dreamhome #realestatetips #homesweethome #CITYrealtor #Homebuyer #CITYrealestateagent #CITYliving 

April 14

Negotiation Tips

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Smart sellers, listen up! Here are my top negotiation tips to maximize the value of your home sale and navigate the process with confidence:

1️⃣ Price strategically. 

Set an asking price for your home that allows for negotiation while still reflecting its value. Work with your real estate agent to determine the optimal listing price based on market conditions and comparable sales.

2️⃣ Highlight your home’s strengths.

During negotiations, emphasize the unique features and benefits of your home that set it apart from others on the market.

3️⃣ Stay calm and patient. 

Negotiations can be stressful, but it’s crucial to remain calm and patient throughout the process. Trust your real estate agent to guide you through negotiations and advocate for your best interests.

By implementing these negotiation tips, you can increase your chances of reaching a successful agreement with a buyer while maximizing the sale price of your home. Let’s work together to make your home selling experience a success! 🌟🔑

#homeseller #HomeSellingTips #realestatetips #homeowner #realestateagent #RealEstateAdvice #realtor #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealtor 

April 15

Did You Know?

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Dreaming of owning your own home but worried about saving up for a hefty down payment? 🏠 Good news! There are loan programs available that require only 3% down to qualify, making homeownership more attainable than ever before.

With these low down payment options, you can take the first step towards owning your dream home without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade to a larger space, these programs can help you get your foot in the door of homeownership sooner than you think.

Have questions? I’m here to help you explore your financing options and find the perfect home that fits your budget and lifestyle. Send me a DM and let’s chat about your goals!🌟🔑

#realestatetips #homeowner #realestateagent #RealEstateAdvice #realtor #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealtor #realestatefinancing #buyingahome #Homebuyer #firsttimehomebuyer 

April 16

How to Budget For a Home

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🏠Let’s talk about budgeting for your dream home! ✨

Knowing the true costs of buying home is essential to ensure a smooth and stress-free process, as well as to help you know what you can afford and how feasible a new home purchase actually is. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key expenses to factor into your budget:

💰Down Payment

Save up for a down payment, typically between 3% and 20% of the home’s purchase price. This upfront payment demonstrates your commitment to the purchase and reduces the amount you need to borrow.

💰Closing Costs

Budget for closing costs, which typically range from 2% to 5% of the home’s purchase price. These costs include fees for loan origination, appraisal, title insurance, attorney fees, and escrow services.


Expect to pay for an appraisal, which is an independent assessment of the home’s value conducted by a professional appraiser. The appraisal ensures that the home is worth the purchase price and protects both the buyer and the lender.

💰Title Services

Budget for title services, which include a title search, title insurance, and closing fees. Title services verify the legal ownership of the property and protect against any claims or defects in the title.

💰Home Inspection

Invest in a home inspection to assess the condition of the property and identify any potential issues or defects. While not required, a home inspection provides valuable peace of mind and can help you make informed decisions about the purchase.

💰Emergency Fund

Set aside funds for unexpected expenses or financial setbacks, such as job loss, medical bills, or home repairs. Aim to save at least three to six months’ worth of living expenses in your emergency fund to provide a financial safety net.

By considering these expenses upfront and budgeting accordingly, you can navigate the home buying process with confidence and peace of mind. As your trusted real estate agent, I’m here to help you understand the costs involved and guide you towards homeownership success! 🌟🔑

 #HomeBuyingBudget #buyingahome #Homebuyer #homebuyingtips #homebuyingadvice #realestateagent #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestateagent 

April 17

Renting vs Buying

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It’s the age-old question: Should you rent or buy your next home? 🤔 Let’s weigh the options together!



Renting offers flexibility, allowing you to easily relocate without the commitment of homeownership.


Say goodbye to costly repairs and maintenance responsibilities—your landlord takes care of them for you!

✅Short-Term Commitment

Renting may be the ideal choice if you’re unsure about your long-term plans or prefer to keep your options open.


✅Investment Potential

Buying a home can be a smart long-term investment, allowing you to build equity and potentially grow your wealth over time.


✅Make your home truly yours by customizing it to your tastes and preferences without the limitations of a rental agreement.


✅Enjoy the stability and security of homeownership, knowing that you have a place to call your own and build roots in the community.

🏠 Whether you’re ready to take the leap into homeownership or prefer the flexibility of renting, I’m here to help you explore your options and make the best decision for your unique situation. Let’s chat about your goals and find the perfect path to your dream home! 

#rentorbuy #HomeBuyingBudget #buyingahome #Homebuyer #homebuyingtips #homebuyingadvice #realestateagent #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestateagent #dreamhome #homesweethome

April 18

Tips For Moving With Pets

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Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure for the whole family—including your furry friends! Here are some tips to help you and your pets navigate the move with ease:

🐶 Plan ahead. Start preparing for the move well in advance by gradually introducing your pets to the idea of packing and moving. Create a safe and comfortable space for them during the moving process, and consider using calming aids such as pheromone diffusers or herbal supplements to help reduce stress.

🐶 Create a Safe Space in Your New Home. Set up a designated safe space for your pets in your new home, such as a quiet room or area with their bedding, toys, and familiar scents. This will help them adjust to their new surroundings and feel secure during the transition.

🐶 During the move, it’s essential to keep your pets safe and secure to prevent them from getting lost or injured. This means making sure they have their collar and leash on when not in the car, and in a crate or playpen in your home so they don’t sneak out the front door while movers are coming in and out.

#movingtips #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealestate #Homebuyer #homebuyingadvice #homeseller #HomeSellingTips #newhouse #newhome

April 19

Can You Guess

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Wondering how long homes typically stay on the market in our area? 🤔 Well, the wait time might surprise you! On average, homes in our vibrant community spend [NUMBER] days on the market before finding their lucky new owners.

Understanding this key metric can provide valuable insights into the current state of our local real estate market. Whether you’re planning to buy, sell, or invest, knowing the average days on market can help you strategize effectively and make informed decisions.

As your trusted real estate agent, I’m here to keep you updated on all the latest market trends and guide you towards success in your real estate journey. Ready to make a move? Let’s chat! 

#realestateagent #RealEstateAdvice #realestatetips #marketinsight #CITYrealestate #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealtor #CITYliving #CITYNAME

April 20

Your Dream Home is Calling

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Your Dream Home is Calling You! 📞

That feeling when you step into a home and instantly know it’s “the one” is pure magic! ✨ If you’ve been daydreaming about finding your perfect place, listen closely because your dream home is calling you!

Whether you’re searching for a peaceful sanctuary, a vibrant urban oasis, or something in between, I’m here to help you answer that call and make your homeownership dreams a reality.

Let’s go on this exciting journey together and find the home that speaks to your heart. Your dream home is out there, and I can’t wait to help you find it! 🏠 

#DreamHome #HomeSweetHome #CITYliving #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestate #CITYhouses #realestateagent #RealEstateAdvice #realestatetips

April 21

Why Hire an Agent

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1) The above carousel


If you’re selling your home, you’ve probably caught yourself asking this question. Do you REALLY need a real estate agent? Let me break it down for you:

✅Negotiation skills and expertise

✅In-depth market knowledge

✅Paperwork and contract management

✅Fights for your best interests

✅Makes the process as smooth and stress-

free as possible!

So, why hire a real estate agent? Because when it comes to achieving your real estate goals, having the right agent makes all the difference! Let’s work together to make your real estate dreams a reality. 🌟🔑 

#RealEstateAgent #ExpertGuidance #realtor #CITYrealestate #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestateagent #RealEstateAdvice 

April 22

5 Steps in Homebuying Process

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🏠🎉 Ready to score your dream home? It doesn’t have to be complicated – let’s break it down, easy-peasy:

📱Get in Touch: First things first, let’s chat! Reach out and let me know you’re ready to begin your homebuying journey. Whether it’s a call, text, or DM, I’m here to help!

🟢 Get the Green Light: First things first, let’s talk money! Get pre-approved for a mortgage—it’s like getting the golden ticket to your dream home adventure. With that magic letter in hand, you’ll know just how much house you can snag.

🏠 House Hunt Like a Pro: Time to put on your detective hat and start the house hunt! From scrolling through listings in your PJs to hitting up open houses like a boss, let’s find that hidden gem that screams “home sweet home.”

✍️Make Your Move: Found “the one”? Get ready to bust out your negotiation skills and make an offer they can’t refuse! Your real estate agent’s got your back, so let’s sweet talk our way into that dreamy deal.

🔑Seal the Deal: It’s closing time, folks! Grab your pen, sign those papers, and voilà—welcome to homeowner bliss! Time to pop that bubbly and celebrate your epic home-buying victory!

Buying a house is a wild ride, but with me by your side, we’ll make it a breeze! Let’s turn your house hunt into a house party—your dream home awaits! 🎉

#dreamhome #homesweethome #newhome #Homebuyer #homebuyertips #realtor #CITYrealestate #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestateagent

April 23

Client Love

1) The above image

Image Options:


🏡 Sharing some love from an amazing client!✨

It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do! Huge thanks to our incredible clients for their kind words and trust in our services. Ready to make your real estate dreams a reality? Let’s chat! 🌟

#ClientTestimonial #RealEstateLove #RealEstateAgent #ExpertGuidance #realtor #CITYrealestate #CITYrealtor #CITYrealestateagent 

Which 3 Would You Choose

Dreaming about your perfect pad? Let’s have some fun! If you could pick just three must-have features for your dream home, what would they be?🌟🔑

Comment below and let us know which three features would make it into your dream home wishlist. We can’t wait to hear your picks! 🏠

 #dreamhome #Homebuyer #newhome #homesweethome #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealestate 

April 24

Which 3 Would You Choose

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Dreaming about your perfect pad? Let’s have some fun! If you could pick just three must-have features for your dream home, what would they be?🌟🔑

Comment below and let us know which three features would make it into your dream home wishlist. We can’t wait to hear your picks! 🏠

 #dreamhome #Homebuyer #newhome #homesweethome #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealestate 

April 25

Selling Do's & Don'ts

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🏡💡 Thinking About Selling Your House? Here Are Some Handy Do’s & Don’ts to Keep in Mind!


✅ Declutter & get organized before the photographer arrives

✅ Make sure you & your agent price your home competitively (and realistically)

✅ Draw attention to any recent renovations

✅ Be flexible for showings


❌ Overprice your home based on emotions or sentimentality

❌ Pass on getting professional photos

❌ Forget to disclose any defects or important information to your agent

❌ Leave your home cluttered and messy for showings

Selling your house can be a breeze with the right approach and I’m here to guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful sale! 🔑 

#HomeSellingTips #homeseller #HomeSellingTips #homeselling #HomeSellingSuccess #homesweethome #CITYrealestateagent #CITYrealestate 

April 26

Local Life

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1) The above image


Looking for fresh produce, artisanal goodies, and a taste of community spirit? Look no further than our local farmer’s markets! 🌽🥕 

From farm-fresh fruits and veggies to handcrafted treats and unique finds, these markets are a treasure trove of local delights.

🍎🥦Join us every [Day of the Week] at [Location] for a feast for the senses and a chance to connect with local farmers, artisans, and neighbors alike. Bring your reusable bags and an appetite for adventure – you never know what delicious discoveries await!

#SupportLocal #FarmersMarket #ShopLocal #CITYliving #CITYlife #CITYrealestate #CITYrealtor #CITYNAME #CITYthingstodo 

April 27

Myths & Facts

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🛠️ Did you know? Doing renovations can indeed boost your home’s sale price! 📈 But before you grab your toolbox, let’s chat about some key considerations:

Before diving into major renovations, consider consulting with a trusted real estate agent who can provide valuable insights into which improvements are worth the investment.

When it comes to selling your home, it’s essential to focus on improvements that add value and appeal to potential buyers. Let’s separate fact from fiction and create a winning strategy to maximize your home’s sale potential! 💰

#smartselling #sellingyourhome #homeselling #HomeSellingTips #homeseller #realestatemyth #realestate #realestatetips

April 28

Home Sell Faster

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1) The above image


Did You Know: In many areas, homes tend to sell faster and for higher prices during the sunny months of June and July! 📆☀️ With longer days, warmer weather, and buyers eager to settle in before the school year starts, summer can be the perfect time to make your move in the real estate market.

Thinking about selling your home? Now’s the time to seize the opportunity and capitalize on the summer selling season! With increased buyer activity and favorable market conditions, you’ll have a greater chance of attracting motivated buyers and securing top dollar for your property.

Message me to talk about your home selling goals! 🌟🏠 

#SummerSellingSeason #RealEstateInsights #realestate #realestatetips #homeseller #sellingyourhome #homesellertips #realestateagent

April 29

What to Look For

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1) The above image


🔍Hey there, future homeowners! When it comes to your home inspection, think of yourself as a savvy sleuth on a mission to uncover the hidden secrets of your potential new digs. Here’s what to keep tabs on:

✅ Windows & any potential leaks

✅ Roof & the home’s exterior

✅ Attic, basement or crawlspace (if applicable)

✅ Heating & cooling systems

✅ Plumbing

✅ Electrical system

Remember, this is your chance to get the inside scoop on your potential new digs, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and dig a little deeper! And as always, your trusty real estate agent (that’s me!) is here to guide you every step of the way.

#homeinspection #Homebuyer #buyingahome #homebuyingadvice #homebuyingtips #newhome #realestateagent #RealEstateAdvice 

April 30

3 Things to Know

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Selling Your Home? Here Are 3 Must-Know Tips to Get You Started! 💡

Current state of the market in your area

Factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, and economic indicators can impact the timing and pricing of your home sale.

Determine the fair market value of your home

Price your home based on comparable sales in your neighborhood, known as “comps.” Your real estate agent will be happy to do this for you.

Prep the property

Assess the condition of your home and identify any necessary repairs, upgrades, or cosmetic improvements that can enhance its appeal to buyers.

Let’s chat about your goals and create a winning strategy to get your home sold quickly and for the best possible price! 🔑 

#HomeSellingTips #homeseller #Homeownership #sellingyourhome #HomeSellingSuccess #realestate #realestateagent


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