We’re nearing the end of summer, so as you prepare for the coming months ahead keep in mind it’s always a great idea to include seasonal marketing ideas into your overall plan.

We’re sharing a few August social media marketing ideas below to inspire you this month. Please note, all of the templates referenced below are available to Restate Social members.

End of Summer Seller Tips

Summer is a super hot season for buying and selling real estate. Capitalize on this by sharing tips for sellers on how to increase the value of their home, closing tips so they know what to expect and plan for, and market updates so they know if it’s a good time to sell and how the local market conditions are looking.

Local Expertise

On social media, your goal is to be the local expert. Current residents and people that want to move to the area are going to be attracted to posts that show them local events, restaurants, shopping, fun things to do on the weekend, and other city-centric information.

Think like a resident, what would you want to see?

Local Expertise

Like we said above, summer is a hot time for the real estate market and a popular time for people to move. Help buyers understand the process and see you as an expert with posts that explain whether or not we’re in a buyer or seller’s market, when the best time to buy is, and illuminating some common first-time home buyer mistakes.

Remember when it comes to social media, consistency and strategy are key! You have to be intentional about what you post to attract leads, clients and referrals. 

Note: All of the templates referenced in this post are available to Restate Social Members in their Monthly Social Media Calendar. If you’re interested in taking your real estate marketing to the next level, join Restate Social today!

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