Monthly Email Marketing

Access each of this month’s email newsletter templates by clicking below and customize them to your heart’s content! Once you’re done, download them as a PNG file and then upload them as an image into your email marketing software. You’ll also be running a follow up email for the lead magnet you’ve been promoting this month. 

As always, you’re also free to use any other email marketing templates located in Branding Materials in place of these emails or for additional marketing activities.

Email 1:

How to Add Value
to Your Home

Date: November 7 at 9:30 AM (your time zone)

List to Send to: General/Newsletter/All

Note: Choose one of the two image options below

Email 2:

Curb Appeal
Tips & Tricks

Date: November 21 at 9:30 AM (your time zone)

List to Send to: General/Newsletter/All

Email: Ongoing

Free Home Maintenance Checklist
(Lead Magnet Follow Up)

Date: Ongoing – set to automatically send 1 day after your lead magnet is sent

List to Send to: Those that opted into receiving your lead magnet

Learn more about your lead magnet this month here.

Note: This email will require that you hyperlink your lead magnet so the recipient can access it. You can do this easily by uploading your lead magnet as a PDF to Google Drive and selecting “Share > Anyone with the link.”