February lead magnet

Below you’ll find your lead magnet for this month, a corresponding landing page you can set up to collect leads directly on your website, social media posts that correspond with this month’s lead magnet (found in the Monthly Social Media Calendar) and the email follow up to send to your new leads. If you need help setting up a landing page, you can find more information here.

To set up a successful lead magnet, take the following steps:

  1. Customize and download your lead magnet below
  2. Add a landing page to your website so you can collect the leads that sign up for your magnet. Customize and add one of the images below to your website page you’d like to use for lead collection. Then below the image, embed an email sign up form (usually in the form of HTML – depending on your email marketing platform)
  3. Add your link: When your lead collecting web page is done, take this URL and add it to your Instagram profile (link in bio)
  4. Create your email follow up automation on your email marketing platform so that when you get someone to sign up with your form, an email with the lead magnet is automatically sent to them. Use the entire email template and upload it into your email as an image, or just the image graphic with the template serving as a formatting guide – it’s up to you and how you’d like your email to look.
See each section below for more details.

LEAD Magnet

Free 2024 Market Report

This comprehensive report is meticulously crafted to help you provide your clients and leads with invaluable insights into the current market trends, emerging opportunities, and key factors shaping the real estate landscape in 2024 in your area.

From median home prices and neighborhood highlights to strategic buying or selling tips, this report is your go-to resource for helping your leads and clients navigate the complexities of the real estate market, and help them understand what’s happening in their local market.


Customize and download the landing page image, then add it to your website. Below the image you’ll want to place your email collection form. Depending on your website provider, this may be something you can add directly on there or you may have to add code or an HTML code block. Check out the help files on your email marketing platform (i.e. MailerLite, Active Campaign, MailChimp, etc.) if you need help adding a form to your website.


Customize and download these Instagram posts that you can use to promote your lead magnet. You can also use them as social media ads!

EMAIL Delivery

Email Delivery

Deliver your free guide with this email, then follow-up with the email on your Monthly Email Marketing page!

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