Back in the day, you’d have to go door to door to promote your real estate services or a listing in the neighborhood. If you were really committed to your marketing, you may even have a bus bench with your name on it or send direct mailers to a sea of contacts (that most likely will throw it right in the trash).

While this may still work for some, it isn’t the most effective approach. Clients themselves don’t like the old ways of getting in contact with them (have you met anyone that’s been thrilled to have their door bell rung by a stranger trying to sell them something – no thanks!)


Gone are the days of mass marketing without targeting, enter: social media. Social media is a real estate agent’s best friend and best option for reaching buyers and sellers that are actually interested in their services.


However, so many agents neglect this aspect of their business or can’t figure out how to make it work for them. They feel stuck on what to post so they post nothing, or generic posts that don’t get much traction and don’t attract their ideal client. 

It’s easy to feel discouraged when it comes to using social media as a real estate agent (or any type of business owner, for that matter!) and it can cause them to miss out on such a huge opportunity!


Today, we’re going to cover the top ways to generate leads on Instagram as a real estate agent – whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran. 

1. Post consistently great content that showcases your value


Many future clients will find you on social media and check out your past posts, as well as watch your future posts before making the jump to working with you. They want to see that you’re professional, capable and experienced. Having a winning social media marketing plan is key to getting their attention and positioning yourself as THE agent to work with in town.

Not sure what to post on social media to showcase your value? 


Follow the Restate Social 4 pillars of content:


Real Estate & Home Tips

Everyone wants to work with an agent that is knowledgeable, experienced, and understands the local market. Show off your real estate wisdom by sharing actionable real estate and home tips & advice.


Local Tips

These posts show your audience that you’re the local expert and you’re the one to come to with real estate questions. This is also how you train the Instagram and Facebook algorithms who to show your posts to. By posting local content you’re attracting those that are most interested in it: locals and those hoping to move to the area.  People don’t just buy a home, they buy an area. Show off the local amenities and hot spots to help buyers see neighborhoods from a local’s perspective.


These posts designed to attract likes, shares, comments, or saves are necessary for helping you show up in the algorithm. They also help you connect with people and build relationships through conversations!



Allow your audience to get to know, like, and trust you with personal posts and stories. People are more likely to work with people they feel connected to and that they have some repoire with (even if it’s online!)


Create an amazing social media presence with a marketing tool kit that has everything you need. At Restate Social, we create easily customizable templates for all real estate agent marketing materials at once low, affordable price so you can get more clients and create an enviable online presence. Learn more here.

2. Be responsive


Social media is made for people to connect, interact, and discover new people. Always be responding to comments and messages, as well as commenting and engaging with the social media posts of others. Engaging with those in your community will increase your brand recognition, and if you can get a “Follow” out of it, you can market to them in the future with your social media post

In our Six-Figure Agent Blueprint Course (available to Restate Social members), we teach the 5×3 engagement method. 

The strategy is simple: reach out and engage with 5 different accounts each day. Then, like 2 pictures and comment on a third. Don’t leave a generic, bot-like comment. Give an actual thoughtful comment that they will appreciate! Social media is like a big cocktail party – everyone is mingling and some are more social than others, but everyone appreciates a compliment and feeling like they’re important.

The  5×3 engagement strategy is your foot in the door. It’s your ice breaker. It’s what sets you apart from all the other real estate agents at the party.

And you can bet that when people see you pop up in their notifications as liking two pictures and leaving a thoughtful content, they’re going to click on your name and go see your profile to see what you’re all about.

This is an amazing way to connect to people in your area so that you’re top of mind when the recipient of your message is looking to buy or sell a home, or refer someone they know. They’ll remember the kind real estate online that took the time to make them feel special, and has an awesome account jam-packed with knowledge, local tips and market expertise that they otherwise might not have come across without your interaction.

3. Create a lead magnet in exchange for email addresses

Bloggers and digital creators use this strategy all the time to get email addresses from people that would be interested in their products. In exchange for a free piece of information or some sort of tool, people give them their email address which they can then use to market to them in the future. This is called a “lead magnet.”

This is an amazing strategy for real estate agents because it’s important to always stay top of mind, that’s how you keep the leads consistently rolling in. In addition to a killer social media strategy, email marketing is the best way to accomplish this top of mind marketing. You can add tons of value via email so think about what kind of lead magnet your ideal client would be interested in, something they’d be willing to give up their prized email address for.

Some ideas for client-attracting freebies are:

At Restate Social, we include many of these lead magnet ideas as templates (under Real Estate Printables) that you can customize and use as a client-attracting freebie or any other marketing purpose. We offer everything you need for successful real estate agent marketing in our monthly subscription (with more templates added every month!) Check out our lead magnets and social media templates here!

Once you have your lead magnet, you’ll want to set up a landing page or form in your Instagram Link in Bio that you can use to collect those email addresses. Then, set up an email automation sequence that automatically sends the email with the freebie to the client at the email address they’ve inputted. Then add them your regular marketing newsletter or specific campaigns.

Schedule an automated email that immediately reaches out to these hot leads with an invitation to set up a consultation or meeting with you. You want to capture these leads and go in for the close while you have their attention.

4. Supercharge your lead nurturing

Once you have your lead magnet (step 3) and have your automation set up, and you’ve sent your lead magnet and invited the lead to set up a consultation or meeting with you, you can add that same lead contact to your general/newsletter email list.


Email marketing is SO powerful and allows you to stay top of mind for referrals and transactions. Most people start their search online well-before they’re ready to buy or sell, so being able to capture these leads with a lead magnet and continue to provide value to them will help position you as the best agent to work with.


We provide instructions and templates for continued email marketing to our Restate Social members so they can add their branding and be ready to send their emails in a few clicks!


Monthly email newsletter ideas:

You can use a lot of the same content you post on social media as your email newsletter, just formatted in a different way. Remember: always be providing value! Then include your content information at the end of every email so that you’re easy to connect with.

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