While buyer clients are important (of course!), every agent knows that listings present an even bigger opportunity. Not only do you get to stick a sign out front with your name on it, but you have the opportunity to meet more potential buyer & seller clients because of that listing. But if you don’t have a listing yet, or you’re struggling to get consistent ones, you might be wondering how you can get more seller clients and listings so you can continue to build your business.

So how do you get real estate listings in any market? We’re glad you asked, here are our best tips!

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1. Provide Value Through Content Marketing

Establish yourself as a thought leader and trusted advisor in your area by creating and sharing valuable content related to real estate and local interests. Start a blog, or create informative videos on Instagram or Youtube, that shares topics of interest to potential sellers, such as home staging tips, market trends, or the selling process. By providing valuable insights and guidance, you can attract potential sellers to your services.

Take it a step further by becoming the local guide. Share local happenings, things to do depending on the season in your area, the best restaurants and entertainment options, family-friendly activities, and more! By sharing local information that targets the keywords locals and potential buyers moving to your area are looking for, you’ll position yourself as an authority in the area and get your name in front of more and more people that are looking for the kinds of content you’re creating. Don’t forget to include a leads form on your blog post & website to collect buyer and seller leads!

This is one of the best ways to get leads over time because your content will live online in perpetuity, showing up in people’s searches as long as you have a website – that means you put the effort in once and you can reap the benefits for years to come!

2. Stay Connected to Your Sphere

One absolutely proven way to get listings is to stay top of mind with your sphere. This means sending texts and emails, and making regular calls to your sphere of influence. Every contact & person you know in your area is a potential seller lead. This can feel overwhelming, so just make it a point to reach out to a handful of people every week so that when it’s all said and done at the end of the year, you’ve contacted your sphere about once a quarter. People work with those they know, like, and trust, so it’s important you stay connected to those that already have some sort of relationship with you!

And it’s important to note, you don’t need to be contacting people and doing a sales pitch. You only need to talk about your shared connections and interests! At the end of the call, just remind them that if they know anyone that might be interested in selling their home, send them your way.

Pro Tip: Use a CRM to keep track of all of your contacts and when you last spoke to them. You can also do this with a Google Sheet or Excel Sheet. Staying organized is key!

3. Purchase Seller Leads

Leads services get a bad rep, but real estate predictive analytics companies are getting more and more sophisticated with finding & predicting potential sellers. This can be a great strategy for agents that are already busy and don’t have time to get in front of homeowners with their own inbound marketing, or want to use paid leads as a supplement to their lead generation strategy. 

Consider options like Market Leader (an agent favorite), REDX, or BoldLeads.

4. Find Ignored Leads

Getting to the seller first is often the name of the game in real estate, as many will go with the first reputable agent that connects with them. There are leads to be had, but you’ll need to look for them in places other agents ignore. Some great places to start are finding lists of overlooked properties, such as:

  • Preforeclosures
  • Probate listings
  • Rentals

5. Master the Art of Networking

Networking remains a cornerstone of success in the real estate industry. Attend local events, join professional associations, and participate in community activities to expand your network. Cultivate relationships with other industry professionals, such as mortgage brokers, attorneys, and home stagers, who can provide valuable referrals and insights.

The key here is to join groups that aren’t real estate specific, but in line with your interests and the interests of those in your community. This can mean pickle ball clubs, wine tasting clubs, small business owner networking groups, running clubs, outdoors enthusiasts meet-ups, etc. The options truly are limitless!

Think about what you’re interested in, this will help you form genuine connections with the other people in your groups!

6. Utilize the Power of Social Media

Social media is an amazing way to build your brand and attract local buyers and sellers. Just like with creating content on your website, creating valuable content on social media can continually be shown to more and more people, compounding your efforts and expanding your reach. Create consistent social media posts every day with captions that share value and drive the reader to take an action. We create daily social media posts + captions for our members that are designed to engage and help them stand out in their area, while saving them time and effort – they just have to customize and post, they don’t have to think about it or implement marketing strategies! It’s so simple!

Think about what’s important to those in your area and share not only real estate tips and content, but also local happenings, activity recommendations and local guides. These can be Stories, posts, and Reels – in fact, you should have a mix of the 3! Social media can be a powerful tool and attracts potential leads while nurturing current follower relationships at the same time. As we mentioned before, people work with those they know, like, and trust, and social media is the perfect way to make those introductions and build trust over time.

Learn more about making your social media easy as an agent by getting customizable daily social media posts + captions, as well as Instagram Stories & Reels designed for you each month here!

7. Follow Up and Nurture Leads

Consistent follow-up is key to converting leads into listings. Most people won’t be willing to work with someone that they’ve only had one small interaction with, or have only seen one or two pieces of content from you. You have to continue to connect with them in order to take them from a cold lead into a hot lead that’s ready to buy or list. 

Develop a systematic follow-up process to stay top of mind with potential sellers and nurture relationships over time. Whether through phone calls, emails, or personal visits, demonstrate your commitment and dedication to helping them achieve their real estate goals. At Restate Social, we’ve found that two emails a month really helps our members stay top of mind with their leads, as well as direct mail marketing throughout the year – which is why we make it easy and design new marketing options for emails, mailers, pop-by’s and postcards for our members each month! 

Emailing is free and direct mail can be a relatively inexpensive way to add more touch points to reach more leads & nurture relationships. Think about what your budget allows for and plan accordingly!

8. Run Facebook Ads Targeting Homeowners

Find warm leads by utilizing Facebook ads! Instead of simply offering your services as an agent (which will most likely be ignored and scrolled right past), consider offering something of value that draws in a potential buyer or seller. This could be a personalized home valuation, a home maintenance checklist, or a seller’s guide. That’s going to attract a lead that’s already interested in selling their home, making them the perfect lead to have on your list! You can then contact them via email or phone and continue to follow up over time (see our previous point about following up).

Keep in mind that running and optimizing ads can be expensive, but it can have great results. Learn to do it on your own or hire it out!

9. Learn How to Prospect to FSBO’s

No matter what kind of market you’re in, there are always going to be people that think they can list their own homes and avoid the costs associated with hiring a listing agent. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t usually pan out the way they were hoping for. Fortunately for you, there’s a huge opportunity here!

First, you’ll need to find the FSBO’s in your market. You can do this by purchasing a list from a leads company, or you can just jump on Zillow or a similar site and look for FSBO listings, then you can attempt to contact the owners of those listings.

Next, you’ll need to convince them that they should list with you instead of on their own. Expect them to be stubborn here, but the longer that listing has been on the market, the more likely you’ll be able to win them over. You can find great FSBO scripts online, or do it on your own if you’re feeling confident!

You can also leverage flyers, postcards, and even a FSBO guide (we offer this already-done guide as a resource for our Restate Social members). Since many people don’t answer the phone or immediately put their walls up in a phone conversation like this, these can be a more subtle and effective way to convince FSBO sellers to work with you rather than leave money on the table going it alone.

10. Join a Team

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the real estate game for a number of years, joining a team can be a really advantageous choice. While many agents dream of being mostly on their own and doing their own thing, building an individual brand can definitely be tough. By joining a team, you’re likely to get more seller clients and learn a lot from the lead team member. This can be a great way to spend a few years in real estate so you can build your base, your credibility and trustworthiness, and meet more & more people in your area.