Are you getting leads from your social media posts??

Digital marketing is the best way to get leads as a real estate business without door knocking, cold-calling, or crossing your fingers a client walks into the office when you’re on the floor. 

Those methods are so old-school and not as effective as marketing yourself on social media and building up your digital presence so clients come to you rather than you begging for their business.

We’ve helped so many agents boost their digital marketing with our easy-to-use templates and monthly marketing instructions, that we’ve noticed a few patterns among real estate agents that don’t have a Restate Social membership and don’t get leads on social media.

Let’s learn from their mistakes so you know what to do moving forward!

1. Not Having a Plan

Random content and unfocused (or no) strategy isn’t doing you any favors. You might see what other agents are posting in your area or scour Pinterest for ideas, but not having a thought-out expertly crafted plan is hindering your performance and hurting your results.

Every post must have a purpose! At Restate Social, we categorize our social media posts into 4 pillars of content for maximum impact:

2. You’re Only Posting Real Estate Listings

It might seem like the best approach, but only posting real estate listings and real estate content can work against you when trying to build a brand on social media. 

Think of social media as a big party. Everyone is mingling, getting to know each other and having conversations. Now imagine the sales person in the corner that won’t talk about anything besides what they’re trying to sell, won’t ask questions, and has no interest in getting to know anyone. They’re only interested in convincing you to make a purchase or work with them. Sounds pretty annoying right?

Social media is the same kind of space. People want to get to know each other and have real human interaction, not be forced into infomercial-style conversations! Including real estate content is important, but so is using other types of content that strategically positions yourself as an expert, shows off your area to buyers, and helps people get to know you! 

You want to encourage people to follow you even if they’re not in the market to buy or sell a home right now. Odds are, they will be in the future or will know someone who is. Use the 4 pillars of content to get people to stick around!

3. You Don't Spend the Time to Get It Right

We get it, you’re busy. As a real estate agent, you have a lot going on. However, social media and digital marketing is essential to your real estate business. Word of mouth will only get you so far.

Follow a marketing plan (like our members at Restate Social get every month!) to plan out your posts, emails, and more – this will help save you time and actually help you get results.

4. Your Captions Don't Have a Call-to-Action

People underestimate the power of a good caption! Captions should encourage engagement, provide background information, or give your audience insight into who you are or what it’s like in your area. No matter the topic, though, captions should include a call to action!

This is a strong marketing tactic used time and time again by marketers. Always encourage the desired action to be taken within your post. Examples include: 

We provide our members with captions for their daily posts on social media so they can save time and know they’re executing a tried & true marketing strategy without having to be an expert.

5. You Don't Have Conversations

Engaging with people beyond just answering questions in the comments is vital to a strong social media presence. People crave connection. By striking up conversation in the comments of your posts, the posts of others, and in the messages, you’re creating a connection and becoming more memorable.

6. Not Using a Lead Magnet & Following Up With Email

What is a lead magnet? It’s something of value you give away for free in exchange for an email address. It can be a free home evaluation, report on your area, a seller’s guide, or anything else you can think of that home buyers and sellers may want in your area!

You can then set up a form in your link in bio or on your website to collect email addresses and send out this free material. Then you’ll have their email address and you can market to them!

Email marketing is a proven and effective way to build a relationship, stay top of mind, and recruit more clients. Every month, we design email templates and give our members the tactics they need (step by step) to utilize email marketing in addition to their social media marketing!

So now that we know what not to do, what should you do to get leads on social media?

Here are some quick tips:

  • Follow a marketing plan (like our Restate Social members get every month!)
  • Include calls to action
  • Follow the 4 pillars of content to grow your presence and increase leads (or just follow our monthly social media calendar that already incorporates these pillars, and includes templates and captions for every single day of the month)
  • Use templates and customize them to fit your brand/preferences (included in the Restate Social membership)
  • Engage in the comments and messages with people (have conversations)
  • Use a lead magnet to get email addresses/contact information
  • Stay top of mind by marketing & providing value to potential/past clients via email

Learn more about Restate Social and how we help real estate agents easily market themselves and reach new clients online here!

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