Here’s an interesting thought: you don’t actually have low engagement on Instagram as a real estate agent. Even if you’re only getting a few likes on your posts – and in a minute I’ll tell you why.

But first, think about a couple of questions I’ll ask you:


1. Are you comparing your engagement, likes and followers to viral content and influencers? You know, the people that do content creation full time, not just as a means to promote their business.

2. Are you trying to build a real estate business, or are you trying to build a content creation business?


I’m willing to bet if you’re here reading this today, you’re in the first group. 

You can’t compare yourself to content creators and viral influencers that do that for a living. That content is their bread and butter. And while social media is a powerful tool that can bring you leads and referrals to grow your business, social media itself is not your business.

So don’t compare yourself to the people who are doing that as their business!


Here’s what to consider instead:

As an agent, you want to be active on social media. It’s basically your modern-day business card. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t look up an agent that they’ve never met before online before they contact them or even consider hiring them. An online presence is essential.

But having a strong online presence doesn’t necessarily mean getting a lot of “likes” and engagement.


Instead, focus on:


Being consistent. Yes, consistent posting is important! Sharing continuous value, showcasing your area to people potentially moving there, and using social media to position yourself as a local expert is going to help you attract leads online, but also stand out and look like a rockstar when someone goes and Google searches your name and an A+ social media feed pops up.


Sharing value. Maybe you’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again, always be sharing value. As a real estate agent, you have a lot of knowledge to share. Don’t just limit yourself to “Just listed” and “Sold” posts. Share market updates and insights, and all of your real estate expertise! (If you’re a Restate Social member, you’ll get posts that do exactly this for every day of the month, just check it out in your dashboard!)


Show what it’s like to live like a local. Nobody cares what you had for breakfast, but if you had it on your porch with a beautiful view of your neighborhood or at a local coffee shop, now you have some content. Showcase your neighborhood and your area. Show people what it’s like to live there!


Focus on metrics that matter. This doesn’t mean “likes” and followers. This means focus on what actually drives your business like the number of messages and inquiries you receive, the number of buyer and seller consults scheduled, how many quality leads and interactions you receive, and how many people join your email list (where you can further nurture your relationship and turn them into clients!)


So, now that we know what to focus on and how you’re not in the business of content creation but in the business of real estate, let’s talk how to increase your Instagram engagement!

How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement As a Real Estate Agent

Speak to Your Ideal Client

This is what we call the “secret sauce” in marketing. You have to know who you’re talking to in order to really connect with someone. You want them to see your content and say “that’s me!” Or “that’s for me!” when they read it. This is how you really boost conversions – meaning how many people you get looking at your content and turning into leads or clients.

So that sounds nice… but how do you do it?


1. Create your ideal client in your mind by thinking about:

  • Who do you enjoy working with? Who have you enjoyed working with in the past?
  • Who is a client you commonly serve (young family, out of town buyers, empty nesters looking to downsize, vacation home buyers, etc.)?
  • Who seems most receptive to your knowledge and your unique voice? Do you have a handful of people that seem to resonate with what you have to say? What are their common characteristics?

2. Now that you have an idea of your ideal client, it’s time to create content that speaks directly to them. Ask yourself:

  • What are the common questions they seem to have?
  • What frustrations do they face? What are their “pain points”?
  • What are their ambitions and goals?
  • What information seems important for them to know?
  • What do they tend to be looking for in an agent and in a home or area?

3. Create content that answers these questions!

Tell a Story

We love a good real estate tips post around here at Restate Social, but mixing in some stories with valuable information is what really will help set you apart. After all, most information is Google-able so while dropping some knowledge on your views is important, you also want to take the opportunity to make a human connection and share your personality. After all, you’re uniquely you! Show it off.

Share valuable information but include some personal anecdotes as well. This can be easily done by sharing past experiences or lessons learned while in life or in the world of real estate. Here’s an example:


Simple & generic: Sellers, don’t make these 3 mistakes listing your home

Take it to the next level: Home sellers, a brutal inspection, and a saved deal – what I learned the hard way working with my first seller client!

Grab Their Attention

In order to stop the social media scroll (you know, where people are just mindlessly scrolling their their Instagram home feed or discover/search page not really looking for anything in particular), you must grab their attention. AKA use a “hook” that piques their interest!

Your content can be super amazing but if you’re not grabbing their attention with a strong hook, they’re never going to see it. They’re just going to keep scrolling!

To write a hook that speaks to your ideal client and stops the scroll, focus on evoking an emotion and adding a little mystery. Think about when you’re on social media and something gets your attention, it’s a) usually something you’re interested in and b) has a hook that evoked a “I need to know the answer!” kind of response. 

Here are a few examples to better explain what I’m getting at here:

Instead of saying “3 ways to sell your home faster”

Try: “The one update my sellers did to get 5 offers on their home last week”


“This simple trick got my home sellers an above-listing price offer in 24 hours”

A lot more compelling right?

Or if you’re creating local-focused content (you’re a smart cookie!), instead of:

“My favorite coffee shop in [CITY NAME]”

Try: “This coffee shop in [CITY NAME] is a secret gem”


“Good luck finding a seat in this [CITY NAME] coffee shop – yes, it’s that good!”

Now, I’m craving another cup of coffee. Ha!

Get Personal

Why do people love to follow influencers and celebrities on social media? Well, they’re famous so that makes them interesting. But beyond that, following them on social media gives them a little more insight into who they are. People want to relate to other people.

You’re not just a real estate agent, you’re also a person with likes, interests, funny stories, and your own unique personality! People will find you way more relatable and want to connect with you when they get to know the real you. 

And the best way to do this is in your Instagram stories.

Keeping your regular posts and Reels real estate and local-focused is a strong strategy, but add in a little personalization to your Instagram Stories and you’re golden.

Share your interests and what you like to do in your beautiful town! Share your walks around the local park or your favorite place to grab a bite when you don’t feel like cooking. Share your local farmer’s market or your favorite brewery to go to on the weekend with your friends. Whatever you like to do, share it!

Sharing what you do and are interested in beyond real estate gives people the opportunity to connect with you on another level, and because of that connection, you can bet they’ll think of you when they go to buy or sell too.

Call to Action

Our Restate Social members have seen this in their daily social media captions they get, but for everyone else: add a call to action! Always. Do it always.

People are distractible. They like what you posted, they’re reading your caption and then they’re off to something else.

You’re missing out on an opportunity if you don’t share a call to action. You need to inspire them to take action before they’re onto the next post or picture!

Call to action ideas:

  • Schedule a consultation today
  • Send me a DM
  • Call me for more information: [PHONE NUMBER]
  • Get the free [LEAD MAGNET/FREEBIE] by clicking my link in bio!

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