Social media posting can feel daunting as a real estate agent. After all, you’re already trying to fit so much into a day! Between appointments, showings, contracts, negotiations, client communications, and balancing your family/personal life, there’s not a lot of time left over for social media and marketing.

But even though you’re super busy, and you might rather spend your time and energy on your clients, social media is essential in this digital era. Social media helps agents establish themselves as a local authority, attract new clients, and showcase their knowledge and experience!

Think about how much time people spend scrolling through Instagram and Facebook on their phones and computers… that’s what the people in your area are doing too! And that group of people includes home buyers and sellers, or people that have a friend or family member in the market for an agent.

Don’t neglect this now-essential aspect of the job, make it simple and easy with this strategy for planning an entire month of social media content in just 20 minutes!

You’ll feel like a social media pro and your online presence will really stand out from the competition – which is so important when there are so many real estate agents! Read on to learn the quick and easy strategy to simplify your social media marketing and improve its quality.

Tips Before You Start

Make it easier to plan content by asking yourself these quick questions before you get started:

What do I want the themes of my content to be? Having 3-5 different categories of content that you cycle between is helpful. Don’t just post “For Sale” and “Under Contract” posts – that doesn’t attract buyers, sellers and people in your community. Save these for when you’re showcasing your expertise, but don’t let this be your entire posting strategy.

How often do I want to post? Posting frequently is the key to being in Instagram and Facebook’s good graces (getting any boost in the algorithm), but it needs to be realistic for your schedule. If you’re coming up with the image, captions, call to action, and strategy for every single on your own (rather than using a plan like Restate Social that shows you what to post every day), it may not be realistic to post every day since this is going to take a lot of time, planning and effort.

Who is my ideal client? Determining who you’re specifically trying to reach helps you tailor your messaging to attract that type of individual. It’s how marketers make their posts and ads enticing to their desired customers!


Make it easier by joining Restate Social. Every month we create a marketing plan for our members that shows them exactly what to post on social media, what captions to use, what to email leads and clients, how to create lead magnets/easy lead generation systems online, and more! Just customize the templates and follow the instructions to get your marketing done for the entire month in just 20 minutes – and know it’s going to be effective in reaching new clients, getting leads, and building a strong brand! You can learn more here.

Step 1: Explore Your Restate Social Templates

Once you join Restate Social, you can access all of your social media templates for the month, or check out our library of marketing material templates. This library has templates for social media, emails, ads, business cards, QR code flyers, post cards, listing presentations, marketing plans, landing pages, lead magnets, listing flyers, buyer and seller guides, open house printables and more – it’s everything you’ll ever need to market your real estate business!

Step 2: View Your Monthly Marketing Plan

Open your monthly marketing plan from your member dashboard, from here you’ll see everything that’s planned out for you this month: your social media posts (images and captions), emails, lead magnets, ads & promotions, and Instagram Reels & video prompts. You can decide if you’d like to use all of it or just a few of the categories.

The monthly marketing plan makes it super easy to follow an expert-created, effective strategy designed to help you attract leads, clients, and referrals on auto-pilot!

Step 3: Edit Your Templates

Click on each template that’s planned for you this month. Add your name and branding, then change the fonts, colors, or images to your liking. Download it, copy and paste your caption, and schedule it to post on the day your marketing plan tells you to post it! It’s that simple.

Step 4: Schedule Your Posts Out In a Planner or Manually Post

Use a social media planner like Planoly or Laterr to schedule out a month’s worth of posts to post automatically, or set a daily reminder on your phone to copy & paste the caption and post the image that corresponds to that day in your Restate Social marketing calendar. Our members love how easy and simple it is to create eye-catching social media posts that attract clients and build their local brand!

Learn more about how Restate Social can help you grow your business and simplify your social media here.