Ah, the great puzzle as a real estate agent! How to promote listings and build your business when you have no listings or seller clients at the moment… Contrary to popular belief, it can be done!

In addition to providing valuable, informative content on social media (I’m looking at you Restate Social members, just copy & paste!) you also want to be showcasing listings on social media. As an agent, this is super important and a great way to attract leads!

After all, people want to work with those they know, like and trust, and one of the biggest trust-builders is seeing you market other listings.

But what are you to do if you’re an agent that doesn’t currently have any listings of your own?

This is the cycle of struggle you get on: you don’t have any listings… so you don’t post about listings. Which then makes people think you don’t have any listings, and therefore not hire you for their listing because they think you don’t have experience or you’re not in demand… 

If you’re not associated with having listings, it’s harder for your audience to become seller leads and trust you with their most prized possession: their home.


But don’t let not having listings wreck your marketing game. You can still showcase listings on social media and use them to market your real estate services, even when you have no listings of your own. Here’s how:

1. Tour Homes Each Week

You need to get content to share with your audience of current listings, so what better way to do this than to tour them yourself? Make time each week to swing through a couple of properties that you think your ideal clients will love. Make sure to set this up ahead of time with the listing agent and get permission to film.

2. Identify the Target Buyer of the Home

This is essential in any form of marketing – you must know who you’re speaking to! This will help you tailor your marketing message to the type of person that is going to resonate with it and become a lead for you. 


Before you even tour the home you can do this by looking at pictures. Think about who best fits in that home and who you’re going to market it to. Is it a young family? Is it a couple of newly weds that want to live close to downtown and entertain frequently? Is it empty nesters who want to downsize without sacrificing amenities? Put on your marketing hat and take a moment to think about it!

3. Take Photos & Video Clips of Those Listings

With the listing agent’s permission, you’ll want to take high quality photos and videos of the property that you can share on social media as images, Instagram Stories and Reels. Take photos and video clips that showcase the property’s best features and use text to help your audience really connect with the property. Think back to who you think will really love the features in this home and make sure you’re pointing it out to them!


For example, instead of “and over here is a home office,” you’ll want to help your viewers truly imagine a life in that home. You can do this by instead saying something like “it won’t even feel like you’re working from home in this office with a view of the beautiful back yard!” Or “make your coworkers jealous with this Zoom background during all of your weekly meetings.”


Another example would be instead of saying it has a nice kitchen, saying something along the lines of “imagine cooking dinner with your family in this beautiful kitchen – it’s the home chef’s dream!”


Now that tells much more of a story. 

4. Share Just Enough Details to Be Interesting

Think about the last movie trailer you saw for a movie you were excited to see when it came out. It piqued your interest right? Even though it didn’t give you the full story, it gave you just enough to make you intrigued without giving it all away. This is exactly what you want to do with social media marketing! Give the viewer just enough to be interested without giving all of the listing information. After all, if you tell them everything they need to know, why do they need to contact you? They’ll just call the listing agent!


Tell viewers why the property is unique, exceptional in certain ways and perfect for them, without sharing the exact location, address, or price so viewers have something to contact you about.

Common Mistakes of Real Estate Agents Doing This Strategy

Saying “I don’t have time” to tour homes each week

You’re a real estate agent, this is your livelihood! You have to make time. And it’s an easy thing to do when you’re already running errands or to listing appointments, just schedule it so it’s on the way!

Activities that lead to clients and sales are the activities you need to be doing, and this is one of them. Take as many clips as you can manage and save them for later in your phone in a folder called “Reels” so you can pull from this later for other content that isn’t listing-specific. 


Not getting permission to film or take pictures

Don’t be that person. It’s not your property or your listing. Always, always, always get permission to take photos and videos of a listing before you share them on social media. It’s best to ask the agent ahead of time so you don’t end up putting in that work just to be disappointed with a “no” when you go to ask.


You’re not creating enough intrigue

Everyone loves a show-stopping house video, but if you’re featuring a listing that’s a little less luxurious, you still need to pique the viewers interest to get them to pay attention. Highlight unique features or things that are important to your ideal clients. You can also add a little mystery with a hook (initial text on the video) that says something like “I wasn’t expecting this…” or “Can you believe this property has ___?” This draws people in and encourages them to watch the video!

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