Make 2024 your year of abundance! With a lot of competition in every market, it’s essential that you stand out as a real estate agent and that you showcase your knowledge and expertise to attract new clients. 

Marketing can feel daunting and confusing, there are so many options – postcards, social media, online ads, door knocking… the list goes on. Read on to make it easy with these January real estate marketing ideas!

With the start of a new year, you have so much opportunity ahead of you. We know you’ll find a few ideas on this list that will help you reach new leads and grow your real estate business. Here are our favorite January Realtor marketing ideas that you can try this year.

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January Social Media Posts

Social media is essential for real estate agents who want to build their brand and reach new clients! After all, most people spend a good deal of their time scrolling through social media. This means you have the perfect opportunity to reach people in your community right at your finger tips – that means a solid source leads, clients and referrals! Use these social media post ideas to get new listings and clients in 2024 and then grab our 10 FREE January Real Estate Social Media Post Templates here!

Social media template from Restate Social Membership. Join now for more!

Real Estate 2024 New Year’s Post

Ring in the new year with an eye-catching social media post that celebrates new beginnings in 2024! This simple post is perfect to start off a new selling season.

Social media template from Restate Social Membership. Join now for more!

Home Buying Tips For Winter

Beat the misconceptions that buying a home in winter is impossible! Share some insight into successful home buying in the winter months with this post that our Restate Social members get in their membership.

Social media template from Restate Social Membership. Join now for more!

5 Steps to Listing Your Home

Share 5 steps to listing a home to potential sellers out there. This post simplifies the process, as well as illustrates the importance of hiring a knowledgeable real estate agent (like you!) to take care of their listing and all that it requires from start to finish!

January Real Estate Lead Magnet

In the dynamic and competitive world of real estate, lead magnets play a major role in establishing meaningful connections with potential clients and driving successful transactions. These strategic tools serve as compelling incentives, enticing prospective buyers or sellers to willingly share their contact information in exchange for valuable and relevant content.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

With chilly winter temperatures, ensuring proper home maintenance becomes paramount for homeowners. As such, a comprehensive winter home maintenance checklist is the perfect lead magnet to attract home seller leads this time of year! 

This lead magnet offers insightful tips, covering essential tasks such as inspecting and reinforcing insulation, checking for drafts, and safeguarding pipes against freezing temperatures. By offering this winter home maintenance checklist, real estate professionals not only assist homeowners in preserving the longevity and functionality of their properties but also position themselves as trusted advisors, fostering a sense of loyalty and appreciation among their clientele (and potential clients).

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January Real Estate Email Marketing

Jumpstart the new year with a burst of energy in your real estate email marketing! January is the perfect time to refresh your strategy and captivate potential buyers and sellers. Craft emails that resonate with the spirit of new beginnings and resolutions, positioning your properties as the perfect canvas for a fresh start. 

Emphasize the idea of a “new chapter” in a new home, showcasing listings that embody the aspirations and dreams of your target audience. Consider incorporating a New Year’s resolution theme, highlighting how a new home can align with personal goals. Engage your audience with enticing promotions or exclusive offerings for those looking to make a real estate move in the early months of the year. With a strategic mix of optimism, opportunity, and a dash of inspiration, your January real estate email marketing campaign can set the stage for a successful and dynamic year ahead.

New Year & Home Tips

Help your email contacts start their year off on the right foot! Share home maintenance tips, home buying steps, featured listings, upcoming area/neighborhood events and tips to spruce up their home in the coming months. Sharing your knowledge helps your past clients and leads see you as the local expert so they think of you when any real estate needs arise.


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