Summer might be half over but that doesn’t mean you can slack on your real estate marketing! There are still lots of weeks left in the “hot” market season and plenty of opportunity to be had.

We take a lot of time to design and plan social media posts every month for our members and we have to say, July is some of our best work yet! These 10 ideas are straight from the Restate Social membership where members get daily posts + captions created for them (in addition to tons of other monthly marketing materials like email, Reels, mailers, newsletters and more).

Make your July real estate social media posts your most strategic yet with these ideas and tips to stand out online and attract new buyer and seller leads!

Read on for our top 10 July social media post ideas for real estate agents!

Why You Should Work With a Buyer's Agent

Encourage potential buyers to work with an agent (like you!) rather than go it alone. Sometimes buyers will think they can save money by going unrepresented, so share with them the benefits of working with an experienced agent that has their back during such an important transaction.

The Highest Offer doesn't Always Win - Here's Why

Tackle this common misconception and attract both buyer and seller leads in the process! This super informative and value-packed post is perfect for explaining such a prevalent myth in the real estate industry, and showcasing your knowledge as an agent.

Upcoming Events

Attract locals with an “Upcoming Events” post. This is a great way to train the algorithm to show your content to those in your area – after all this is where most of your buyers, sellers and referrals are!

What's More Important In A Location?

Encouraging social media post engagement is a must and what better way to do that than with a poll-type post? People love to share their opinions online so capitalize on it with an easy comparison post like this and encourage people to comment which option they’d choose.

5 Minute Ultimate Home Buying Guide

Share your quick tips for home buyers looking to make a purchase in your area. This type of post is meant to show your expertise and knowledge to attract home buyer clients, and show how you can make the home buying process easier for them!

What'll Happen To Home Prices If Interest Rates Go Up?

This is a hot question on everyone’s mind: how will rising or falling interest rates affect home values? Share some insight into how any upcoming rate changes could affect your local market based on inventory and trends that you’re seeing.

What You Need to Know Before Moving

Before potential buyers make the move to a new area, they’re usually doing research on what it’s like to actually live there. That includes checking it out on social media! Share some tips on what new residents need to know before moving to your city.

What Does It Cost to Buy a Home in 2024?

Similarly to the idea of “What’ll Happen To Home Prices If Interest Rates Go Up?” this is a big question on everyone’s mind. What does it actually cost to buy a home in your area in 2024? Share some insight into the purchase price average in your city and any trends you’re seeing to help buyers get a clearer picture of the market.


Share some insight into common real estate questions – these can be general questions or ones that you hear on the regular from your own clients. 

New Construction Feature

Use a carousel post like this one to attract potential buyers for new construction homes. Feature a local new home community (bonus points if it’s a community that targets the price point of your ideal customer) and share all of the details about the homes in that neighborhood, the amenities, and what makes that area unique!