With the new year upon us, you may be wondering what New Year’s resolutions to make as a real estate agent. Your goal may be to get new clients and grow your business (after all, what agent wouldn’t have that goal!) but having specific, actionable real estate New Year’s resolutions can help set you up for success and increase your likelihood of reaching those goals.

What Are Good Real Estate Agent New Year Goals?

Goals are so important for real estate agents to have, whether you hit them or not. Having something to work towards, and actionable steps to reach those goals, will help you grow your business and stay motivated throughout the year! 

In an industry with a lot of agent turnover (over 87% of agents quit in their first 5 years), staying motivated and focused is going to be super important for your success as an agent, and improving your business every single year.

Increase Lead Generation

All agents want to get more leads! Aim to generate a specific number of leads per month through online marketing, networking, referrals, or other channels. Be specific about where you’re going to promote yourself and the tactics you’ll use to reach this goal. 

Improve Online Presence

Enhance your online presence by updating and optimizing your website, regularly posting on social media, and actively engaging with your audience. Work on elevating your social media presence this year, on your own or by joining Restate Social! Restate Social makes it easy with daily social media posts and captions designed by marketing experts that are easily customizable. It’s like having a marketing assistant at a tiny fraction of the cost!

Boost Client Referrals

One of the best ways to grow your business is with referrals from friends, family, and past happy clients. Set a goal for the number of referrals you aim to receive from past clients, and implement strategies to encourage satisfied clients to recommend your services. This can include targeted email marketing, sending gifts or doing pop-by’s to reach out to past clients, or any other ideas you think would be effective in your area.

Expand Local Market Knowledge

Invest time in researching and understanding local market trends, neighborhood developments, and other factors that can impact real estate transactions. Make a goal of spending 1 hour a day or 2 hours a week researching local market data and trends.

Enhance Professional Development

Attend industry conferences, workshops, or courses to stay updated on the latest real estate technologies, marketing strategies, and legal changes. You can have a goal of attending one conference a year or taking multiple courses to expand your knowledge. If you’re a Realtor you may be required to complete a certain amount of continuing education credits each year or every several years, you can include those in your goal setting too!

Increase Sales Volume

Set a target for the total sales volume you aim to achieve in 2024, taking into account the average transaction value in your market. Based on your previous year of sales, what do you think is attainable this year? Don’t be afraid to get big with your goals!

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Set a goal to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by actively seeking feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and delivering exceptional service. Great customer service will help you grow your business by word of mouth with referrals. 

Diversify Marketing Strategies

Explore and implement additional marketing strategies, such as video marketing, content creation, or targeted advertising, to reach a wider audience. Join Restate Social for fresh content created for you each month, including social media posts, email newsletters, Facebook ads, networking event plans, and an entire library of print and digital marketing materials for you to choose from! Learn more about how Restate Social can transform your business in 2024 here.

Take these above goal ideas and make them more specific for your situation and what you’d like to achieve in the coming year. 

How to Set Real Estate Agent New Year’s Resolutions

Making thoughtful and achievable resolutions is key to navigating the dynamic real estate landscape. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to craft effective New Year’s resolutions that can propel your real estate career to new heights. Obviously, your resolutions are going to be personal and differ from person to person, but here are a few great tips for setting real estate agent New Year’s resolutions to help get you started! 

Reflect On The Last Year

Before setting new goals, take a moment to reflect on the past year. What worked well? What challenges did you face? Understanding your successes and areas for improvement will inform your resolutions for the coming year.

Set Specific and Measurable Goals

Vague goals make it challenging to track progress. Instead, focus on setting specific and measurable objectives. For instance, rather than a general goal like “increase sales,” specify a target percentage increase and break it down into achievable milestones.

Enhance Your Online Presence

In today’s digital age, a robust online presence is non-negotiable. Update your website, refresh your social media profiles, and explore digital marketing strategies. Engage with your audience through regular, high-quality content to establish yourself as an authority in your market.

Diversify Your Marketing Strategies

Experiment with new marketing strategies to expand your reach. Whether it’s embracing video marketing, starting a podcast, or utilizing targeted advertising, diversifying your approach can help you connect with different segments of the market.

Establish Clear Goals

Set clear and attainable goals for the year. Utilize the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) to ensure your goals are well-defined. This approach will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the year.