Did you know that Instagram prioritizes Reels over posts and stories in the app’s algorithm? This isn’t a secret, and is common knowledge within the marketing community, but so many real estate agents are unaware or too nervous to take the plunge into Reels!

We’re going to make Reels real simple today and show you exactly how to do them, how to post them, and what the top trends are for the year so you can start growing your Instagram following and reach new potential clients.

In This Article:

What Are Reels?

Reels are short Instagram videos (15-90 seconds) that are filmed in a portrait format (similar to Stories). They’re essentially Instagram’s version of TikTok videos. They’re super trendy, and like we said, they boost you in the algorithm. They’re also highly consumable and people will watch countless Reels a day, giving you ample opportunity to show up and shine!

Why Post Reels As a Real Estate Agent?

Reels can be intimidating because many people that post reels show themselves on-camera, and a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that. If you can get comfortable, great! It really helps people to get to know, like, and trust you. If you’re not on board with being on-camera just yet, there are still a lot of great ways you can utilize Instagram Reels to grow your following and business.

And, as we mentioned, many agents don’t understand Reels, don’t want to take the time to learn them, or are uncomfortable with the idea all together. This is actually positive information because by doing what other agents won’t, you’ll stand out.

How to Post a Reel

Step 1: Go to your Instagram home page and click the plus button at the top right corner of your screen, or swipe left like you would when posting a story (both ways work to get to the Reels recording page)

Step 2: Choose “Reel” from the options provided

Step 3: Hit the record button and select the features you want in your video from the left-hand side of the screen. These features include:

  • Music
  • Filters
  • Timing
  • Speed
  • Green screen effect
  • Grid layout

You can also choose to select pre-recorded videos to upload as a full video or in clips. You can do this by selecting the picture square in the bottom left of the screen.

Step 4: Click the “Next” button when you’re done with your video to go to the next screen where you can edit your video, add a caption, edit the Reel cover, add voiceovers and more.

Step 5: Finish up your Reel by hitting the Share button and you’re done!

What Kind of Reels Should I Post As a Real Estate Agent?

There are a lot of options for what you can post, some showing your face and some not. Some great Reel ideas for real estate agents include:

  • A montage of clips from an open house or event
  • Video clips of a new listing (yours or one you’ve toured)
  • Picture slideshow of a new listing
  • Behind the scenes in your daily life as a real estate agent
  • Tutorial video where you show the viewer how to do something like what to look for in a new home or how to stage their house as a seller
  • Common misconceptions about the industry or buying/selling a house
  • Sharing answers to frequently asked questions

For more a detailed guide of what Reels to post every month, join Restate Social! We provide members with a new marketing plan each month with step-by-step instructions on what to post, what captions to use, how to film their reels, what to email existing and potential clients, and more so you can maximize your marketing while minimizing the time you spend on it.

Tips For Posting Real Estate Agent Reels That Stand Out

There’s really no right or wrong way to do Reels. After all you want to stand out from the crowd, not just copy what everyone else is doing! But there are a few quick tips that will better your chances of your Reel looking professional and successfully reaching the right people.

1. Teach people something

How-to videos are popular for a reason: people love to learn and see the expertise of others, especially when it’s a subject they’re interested in. It helps them feel connected, while also positioning you as a leader and expert in the space. Share your real estate knowledge with the world! Think about what buyers, sellers, and even real estate investors, are interested in learning more about.

2. Be transparent

People love authenticity. Social media has given them a way to get to know people other than this picture-perfect online image. It’s a more casual experience and they like to see people that they can relate to. Reels that show your values, your personality, and the behind-the-scenes of working with you or your daily life are very interesting to people.

3. Give tours

Whether you’re giving a tour of a new listing, your brokerage office, or your home office, this is a great way to help people get to know you and your business better.

4. Day in the life vlogs

Similarly to tours, people love to see the behind the scenes of the lives of those they follow, especially ones they view as an authority on a subject (for you, that would be real estate!)

5. Use trending audio

If you’re seeing the same audio show up again and again, there’s a good chance it’s trending. This means, if you use the audio in one of your Reels, you have a higher chance of showing up in other people’s feeds.