Can you believe we’re really at the end of another year? Where does the time go! As you prepare for all of the holiday festivities and time with loved ones, you should also be doing strategic holiday real estate marketing and setting yourself up for success in the coming year. The early bird gets the worm, as they say!

We’re sharing a few holiday marketing ideas for real estate agents to put into action this month so you’re ready to hit the ground running in January, and may even scoop up a few clients before the new year! (ICYMI: all of the templates and strategies referenced below are available to Restate Social Members.)

If you’re looking for real estate holiday marketing ideas, you’re in the right spot – let’s get into it!

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Holiday Home Buyer Guide

There are still many people looking to buy a home this time of year, or are thinking about it shortly after the new year. Help them learn everything they need to know about the buying process this season with a holiday home buyer guide! A guide jam-packed with value that has your branding is the perfect way to form connections and share your knowledge. 

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Holiday Gift Guides

Everyone has a few people on their list (or more than a few) that they have no idea what to get them as a gift for the holidays. Creating a holiday gift guide is an amazing way to add value and get eyes on your real estate brand. Making the gifts home-related will also get people thinking about buying and selling property, and associating you with real estate. A few great ideas for audiences to make a quick gift guide for are:

  • New homeowner gift guide
  • Mom/Dad gift guide
  • Realtor gift guide
  • Sibling gift guide

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Festive (& Strategic) Social Media Posts

While this season is without a doubt super busy, it’s no time to let your social media presence slip. People in your area, and those thinking about buying or selling a home, are on social media a ton this time of year. Take advantage of all of that viewership by upping your social media game. Stand out online and reach new clients by:

  • Sharing your knowledge & expertise
  • Creating eye-catching posts that “stop the scroll”
  • Showcasing your personality and unique approach to real estate
  • Blending market knowledge and real estate tips with entertainment

Restate Social Members: This month you have daily social media posts and captions already created for you, use them to create a magnetic social media presence that builds your brand and business! From home maintenance tips to market stats and fun holiday-themed posts, it’s the perfect blend of professional and festive. Just add your branding and download, then they’re ready for uploading – saving you tons of time this busy season!


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Holiday Post Cards

People are paying extra-close attention to their mail this time of year – probably more than any other month! This makes for a great opportunity to send some mail marketing materials that are perfect for attracting new clients, and help you get your name out in the community. Remember, the goal with marketing is to not only attract leads now but to also build a strong brand that attracts more clients in the future.

Create your own holiday post cards, or join Restate Social. Every month we create mail marketing materials (in addition to digital marketing materials) for our members so all you have to do is customize, print and send. After all, this time of year you’re too busy to be brainstorming marketing ideas, researching new promotional tips, and designing your own materials – that takes away time from everything else you need to do!


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Winter Email Newsletters

Marketing doesn’t end with social media and post cards, you need an entire marketing system that works together to create a cohesive brand and have as many touch-points as possible with your leads and clients. Email marketing is such a powerful tool and is the perfect medium to share your knowledge, grab the viewers attention, and keep you top of mind for new leads, past clients, and referrals!

Restate Social Members: Access your two monthly email newsletters under your dashboard to customize this month’s winter & holiday-themed emails to send to your list! Need help growing your list? Visit the Lead Magnet page in your dashboard for how we recommend you attract new leads and email contacts this month.


What winter marketing ideas for real estate do you plan on trying this month? 

ICYMI: All of the templates and strategies above are available to Restate Social Members. If you’re ready to take your real estate marketing to the next level (and save time while you do it), join the Restate Social membership.


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