Email Marketing

Email marketing is often regarded as the most important form of marketing because it’s traffic that you actually own. All other social media requires the users to be on another platform and you don’t actually own any of that data or information. When algorithms change or worst case scenario, you get banned from a platform (it does happen) or you lose your reach because of some sort of glitch in the system, all of that progress you have made can be gone.

With email marketing, you have the contact information and email addresses at your disposal. You can continue to market to them as long as they’re subscribed to receive emails from you – and that’s a beautiful thing! All top marketers know that this is essential to a successful marketing strategy, and it’s one that real estate agents tend to neglect. Don’t be like most agents and use email marketing to your advantage!

There are many ways to use email marketing for real estate, we’ll go over the most common and easiest to execute so even beginners can get their feet wet with email marketing.

Lead Magnets

The best way to grow your email list is through the use of a lead magnet or “freebie.” This lead magnet is something that you give away for free in exchange for someone’s email address. It needs to be something valuable enough that people will give up their contact information (people are becoming more and more reluctant to give out their correct email information). 

For real estate agents, some great lead magnet/freebie ideas would be:

  • Home buyer guide
  • Home seller checklist
  • 10 Steps to Buying Your First Home (guide)
  • Free consultation
  • A list of the 10 hottest properties for sale in their neighborhood

Once you have your lead magnet/freebie created, you’ll need to set up a form on your website to collect email addresses. You’ll then need an automation set up with an email marketing software (we like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Active Campaign) that automatically sends an email with the lead magnet/freebie once an email address and contact information is submitted via the form.

You can then send regular general newsletter emails to your list. Or for a more advanced technique, segment (section off the list based on action, behavior, or another item) that list based on the lead magnet they opted into. For example, if you had a lead magnet/freebie that appealed to first-time home buyers, you’d want to add to your email automation an action to tag that contact with a tag like “first-time home buyer” and you could send just that segment of your list emails pertaining to first-time home buyer information or marketing.

General Newsletters

A general newsletter can be sent to your entire list and will contain less specialized information. You may send them market updates, home maintenance tips, offer to do free home valuations, or any other general information that would likely appeal to most of the list members.

If you do choose to segment your list and create email marketing campaigns or automations for those specific segments, this can be highly effective! Some ideas for segments to include are:

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Past Clients (great for sending emails requesting testimonials or referrals)