Instagram Marketing

Similarly to Facebook, Instagram is a great way to reach and connect with potential clients and position yourself as the local expert. There are a lot of different types of posts you can make that each have a different purpose behind them, and we’ll get to that in the next section.

Instagram is a very popular tool for entertainment for all types of people, so you can assume that anyone that’s thinking about buying or selling a home is on there scrolling through pictures and connecting with their friends – even if they’re not directly interacting with real estate-related Instagram content. Your goal is to get in front of as many people as possible on Instagram so that buyers and sellers are aware of you and think of you when they’re ready to purchase or list their home.

Instagram is also vital for maintaining a relationship with past clients, staying top of mind, and getting referrals.

Instagram should be where you look professional and experienced in real estate, and also where you stand out from the pack of real estate agents already established in your area. A solid social media presence is shown to majorly influence home buyers and sellers and you can expect to get leads when you execute social media properly.

The 5 Best Types of Posts For Engagement Are:

1. Eye-Catching Images

Maybe this is a given, but sharing a well-crafted, eye-catching image is a classic Instagram tactic that can seldom be beat! Use professional photos of listings, branding photos of yourself or your team, or one of Restate Social’s pre-made, customizable templates that always help you know what to post! Learn more about those here.

2. Carousel

A carousel is a series of images shared together (you have this option to add more than one image when you’re making a post on Instagram). This is a great way to show off various testimonials from past clients, share photos from a new listing, or share images of a neighborhood or area as a guide for potential new buyers (parks, neighborhood amenities, local restaurants, etc.)

3. Reels

Reels (Instagram’s take on TikTok-style videos) shared onto your regular Instagram feed as a post (you have the option to do this when you post a reel) is an amazing way to boost yourself in the algorithm. People also really enjoy watching reels. They’re more engaging than a simple picture post.

To do it well, pay attention to trends and start following other real estate agents that do a lot of social media marketing. They’ll often use trending music/sounds that you can save and use in your own. There are so many different trends and ideas you can use for reels, and it’s very helpful to just do a little research on Instagram every day to see what’s popular and get an idea for how you replicate it for your own brand/area. Some simple reel ideas are:

  • Video walkthrough of your listing
  • Video testimonial from a past client
  • Picture slideshow of a listing
  • Images of testimonials/reviews written on them, shared like a slideshow
  • You sharing the answers to common real estate questions
  • Market report/local real estate news

4. Video

Similar to a reel, video is very engaging and can convert very well. If you don’t want to film a video vertically/portrait and have it be reel, you can simply film and post a video to your Instagram feed. While most people tend to do a reel and share it to their feed as well, you do have the option of just doing a video on your feed if that’s what you decide works best for you.

5. Stories

Instagram is less formal than Facebook and people like to see a little bit of casual and personal moments mixed in with the business posts. The best way to do this is through sharing stories (the quick 10 second video/image that disappears in 24 hours) that show something from your day, or even better, something lifestyle-related but in the local area. People love seeing things to do in an area before they decide to move there!

To film a reel, you’ll need to swipe left on your mobile device from your Instagram Home Screen. Then at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the option to film a post, story, reel or live. Swipe the slider over to “Reel” to begin filming, or you can select images or videos from the square on the bottom left of your screen (this will show you to your phone’s photo library) if you are wanting to use an uploaded image or video.

For reels, there are so many options for what you can film. Get creative, and think about what home buyers and sellers would want to see. You always want to be offering value! In addition to paying attention to and following reel trends, some popular reel ideas for real estate agents are:

  • Video walkthrough of your listing
  • Video testimonial from a past client
  • Video walkthrough of a neighborhood
  • Images/videos of local restaurants, cafes, and things to do in the area
  • Video of local amenities like parks, hiking trails, lakes, etc.
  • Video compilation of all of your current listings or listings in a particular neighborhood/price range
  • Tips for first time home buyers
  • Decorating tips
  • Renovation tips that get the most return on investment for home sellers

The best way to build your brand on social media and become the local expert is through consistent posting, and a mixture of reels, posts, and stories that show off your experience, listings, and offer value to viewers. If you’re stuck on what to post, Restate Social offers templates for all social media types (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, email, print materials, and more!) as well as a monthly content calendar full of ideas to help make you the real estate super star on social media that you are!