Get more real estate buyers & sellers on Instagram organically

& Turn your social media into a lead generating machine

A Real Estate Social Media Course That Finally Makes Things Simple

Whether you’re a total beginner using social media for your real estate business, or you’ve been posting for awhile, this comprehensive course gives you the strategy & steps to making your social media a lead source and brand building powerhouse.

Take a Peak At The Topics In This Course:

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  • Learn how to create content that converts followers to leads and leads to clients
  • Understand exactly what to post and why
  • How to leverage Reels & Stories for maximum reach
  • The winning strategy to attracting more buyers & sellers

  • How to organically attract the right kind of Buyers and Sellers that want to work with you and refer you business

  • How to cut through the noise of sales tactics that aren’t sustainable (and you don’t want to do!) and tap into the potential of Instagram marketing
  • Plus, you’ll get bonuses including ready-to-share post templates!

Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to growing your real estate business? We’ve been there.

Learn proven real estate marketing strategies that convert so you don't have to waste your time & energy trying to “figure it all out” on your own.

Course price: $77


10 Lessons + Bonus Resources

Lesson 1: Define Your Dream Client

Defining your dream client and the unique value you offer them. Learn how to attract your ideal client rather than chase them.

Lesson 2: Set Up & Optimization

Setting up your Instagram presence to reflect your value to your dream client. Learn how to optimize your profile & content.

Lesson 3: How To Create Content

How to create content that feels authentic and stands out in your area. Learn what to post and when.

Lesson 4: Advanced Strategies & Using Canva

Learn strategies that enhance your reach and grow your following, and how to easily use Canva to make eye-catching images.

Lesson 5: Reel Rules + Frameworks

How to make videos that stand out, build credibility, and attract leads.

Lesson 6: Harness The Power Of Highlights & Stories

Using highlights & Instagram stories to build a stronger connection + best practices.

Lesson 7: Instagram Advertising & Promotions

Learn the different advertising options available on instagram, and how to put together effective promotions to increase visibility and engagement.

Lesson 8: Using Lead Magnets To Nurture And Convert

How to generate leads through Instagram with effective lead magnets and nurture them, turning them from a cold lead into a client.

Lesson 9: Automated Systems That Work For You On Autopilot

Learn how to set up automated systems that make your life a whole lot easier, and your marketing even more effective.

Lesson 10: Email Newsletters + Email Marketing Strategy

Turn past clients into referrals and cold leads into clients with the power of email marketing.

Lesson 11: More Resources

Level up your marketing even more with these extra resources & social media templates!

Workbooks + Checklists

Make creating content easy and hone your new marketing skills with guided workbooks and checklists.

Cut through the noise of sales tactics that aren't sustainable (and you don't want to do!)

And Tap Into The Potential Of Instagram Marketing For Real Estate Agents