Tutorial: How to Run an Ad on Facebook

How to run an ad on Facebook:

1. Create a Facebook Ads Manager account if you don’t already have one

2. Confirm your information on the ad account set up page

3. Set up your payment method

4. From the performance dashboard (the Ads Manager home page), click + Create to create a new campaign.

5. Choose an objective for your campaign (typically you’ll do leads, traffic and awareness when you’re running any of our ad suggestions)

6. Select Special Ad Category: “Housing” since you will be running ads relating to real estate and housing (this is required to be in compliance with Facebook’s anti-discrimination policies)

7. Leave the default selections (besides your desired budget). 

8. Set up your audience. You will have limited ability to alter demographic and location since housing/real estate is a special ad category. You will typically want to choose your location (or locations) and the largest radius around that location(s) that you’re comfortable with. For some campaigns, we may suggest adding Detailed Targeting where you can add some interests and behavior targeting (again, not as much as you’d be able to do if this wasn’t a Special Ad Category).

9. Create your ad. Upload your image and add your ad copy, headline, and URL or lead generation form (depending on the type of ad)

10. Submit your ad for approval when you’re done. Once it’s approved, you can monitor your ad’s performance from your dashboard. It’s wise to let it run for at least a week before you make any adjustments (every time you do, the algorithm has to start over “learning” who to serve your ad too and this can increase your cost per click and cause other negative impacts on your ad performance).