Whether you’re just started out as an agent or you’re a seasoned expert, it never hurts to have another stream of income! The real estate market is notoriously volatile and some years can be ripe with sales while others it can feel like your pipeline has run dry, no matter how many years you’ve been in the business. Try one of these real estate side hustles to add your income and bolster your earning potential, with most of them even being from home!

1. Property Management

Whether you live in an area full of short-term rentals or your city tends to have long-term rental properties instead, property management is always a great add-on for a career in real estate. This is a great idea for agents that are skilled with communicating and organized as you’ll be doing a lot of both!

Jumping into property management as a side hustle offers real estate agents a unique opportunity to tap into the lucrative rental market while leveraging their existing network and expertise. By assuming the role of property manager, agents can effectively monetize their knowledge of market trends, property valuation, and tenant preferences, providing valuable services to landlords seeking to optimize the performance of their investments. Working as a property manager will also give you the opportunity to meet investors and tenants who may be in need of your real estate agent services in the future.

2. Real Estate Writing Freelancer

Writing about real estate is not only a valuable skill, it’s also super sought after! With tons of business and real estate websites needing fresh content on the daily, as well as other agents looking to boost their own businesses with blog content, there are a lot of opportunities for real estate writing freelancing. 

Additionally, being a real estate writer does wonders for your credibility. Future clients want a knowledgeable agent and by writing articles for publications and sharing them on your social media or in your email campaigns, you’re able to present an impressive picture that shows you’re the knowledgeable agent in the area!

To get started freelancing, you can look for specific jobs on sites like Indeed or Monster Jobs, create a profile and apply for jobs as they become available on Fiverr and Upwork, and even reach out to online publications directly to see if they’re currently hiring. Don’t forget to create a couple of writing samples – they’ll want to see what writing chops you’ve got!

3. Real Estate Investor

You’d be surprised how often real estate agents are also investors, whether they started out wanting to be an investor from the get-go or they kind of fell into the opportunity. Investing in real estate can come in different forms, there’s:

  • Wholesaling
  • Buying & holding long term rentals
  • Buying & holding short term rentals
  • Flipping homes
  • Lending to other real estate investors

By actively engaging in real estate investment alongside their traditional agency work, agents can not only deepen their understanding of the market but also unlock additional avenues for wealth accumulation and financial freedom. And it’s easy to be an investor while fulfilling all of your duties of being an agent!

4. Staging Homes

Staging a home for sellers can be a great way to make a little extra money, or even include as a service that differentiates you if they choose to hire you  as their full-service real estate agent. If you have an eye for design and details, offering staging services to sellers and other agents that are listing homes is an ideal agent side hustle.

Keep in mind this idea may require a little bit of start-up costs considering you’ll likely need to purchase furniture or decor to use as a part of your staging business. This will depend on what you choose as a business model, how much furniture you want to keep in stock, and the quality of the pieces you want to buy. You could also work part time for an existing staging company if you don’t want to strike out on your own.

5. Real Estate Photography

All listings need good photos taken of them making this idea one that’s super necessary and sought after in the real estate world. So if you have a passion for photography, this is the perfect way to put that hobby to use!

All you’ll need to get started is a quality camera, then you can start offering to take listing and marketing photos for other agents in your brokerage, or start advertising your services online. You can also offer additional services like:

  • Headshots
  • Social media photos and videos
  • Youtube videos & editing
  • Photography sessions that aren’t real estate related (engagement, graduation, pregnancy announcements, etc.)

The more you expand your services, the more people you’ll get to meet outside of your current client circle, helping you grow your real estate business while you make money from photography.

6. Out-Of-State Investor Services

Many investors that are out of state needs boots on the ground where their property is, beyond just relying on contractors or a project manager to keep everyone honest and the project moving forward. Offer services for out-of-town investors where you can help manage the project by keeping tabs on progress, sending progress pictures and updates, and making sure the property is locked up and lights turned off at night. They may even choose to use you to sell their property when the project is complete!

7. Real Estate Blogging

Similarly to writing freelance real estate content for others, you can start a real estate blog and write for yourself! Blogging can be a lucrative business with various ways to make money: 

  • Display ads through an ad network like Mediavine or Google Ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Paid link insertion
  • Paid local business feature/spotlight
  • Paid local business/resources directory

Make sure you’re creating valuable content and taking care to include searchable keywords so your blog shows up on Google, this is called SEO (search engine optimization) and is a skill you can learn with an online course or even by watching videos on Youtube!

8. Teaching or Coaching

If you’re an experienced agent, or even have mastered just one particular skill in the real estate agent world, you can be a coach or teach courses on it! You can teach everything you need to know as a real estate agent and do individual or group coaching that helps agents improve their sales or processes, or you can create online or in-person courses that teach things like marketing, social media management for real estate agents, how to fill out contracts correctly, email marketing, setting up automated systems – the list goes on!

9. Selling eBooks

Just like teaching or coaching, if you have a skill to share, this is a great medium for sharing (and selling) it! Decide on your topic(s) and get to work writing, then you can use a tool like Canva to design a cover and sell it on Amazon or whichever marketplace you prefer. This is a great passive-income generator because once you make the book and set it up to sell, all of your work is done!

10. Virtual Assistant

Looking to make a little extra money while working from home? Become a virtual assistant! There are so many different tasks an assistant can do to help businesses and individuals so you’re sure to find a position that’s a good fit. You can join a virtual assistant agency or be an independent assistant by advertising your services online and applying for jobs on Fiverr and Upwork.

While virtual assistant tasks can vary, here are a few common ones you’ll want to be familiar with:

  • Making calls to leads/cold calling
  • Creating lists of new leads
  • Creating and sending email marketing campaigns
  • Managing social media
  • Sending monthly newsletters or mailers
  • Administrative/clerical work

11. Transaction Coordinator

If you want a side hustle that’s still real estate-related, you may want to consider becoming a transaction coordinator! In this position, you’ll be working for agents either on the buying or selling side and assisting with the paperwork and tasks required to get the deal to close. Your job is to help keep everyone in compliance, the process running smoothly, and making sure everyone is always on the same page and deadlines are not being missed.

As a transaction coordinator, you can work freelance or have your own business, or you could also be in a salaried position on a real estate team. Take a look at local job listings to get an idea of what path you want to take!

12. Showing Assistant

A great real estate side hustle is to be a showing assistant for other agents in your office. Frequently, agents will be out of town, sick, have scheduling conflicts with the client, or too busy to show a client a property, and that’s where you come in! Here’s how it works:

  • The buyer’s agent will accept and schedule the showing with their client as usual
  • The agent will then confirm you’re available to show the property for them if they cannot attend the appointment
  • The agent will provide you with the home address and any additional information for entrance into the property
  • You’ll show the home to their clients
  • You’ll collect any feedback the clients have about the property and deliver it to the buyer’s agent

13. Etsy Store For Agents

Are you looking for a side hustle that allows you to be creative and have a little fun with design? Consider opening an Etsy store for other real estate agents! Everyone loves fun merchandise that helps them look good and get noticed as a real estate agent. After all, it’s a great conversation starter to help agents meet new leads as they’re out and about in their town! You can make your own products, or just create designs and use a print-on-demand service like Printify or Gelato to automatically create and send physical products to customers as they make purchases. Some ideas of what you can sell are:

  • Custom real estate agent sweatshirts
  • Shirts with real estate sayings
  • House Hunter hats or hats with other cute designs
  • Real estate tote bags