2. Set Up & Optimization

Setting up your Instagram presence to reflect your value to your dream client. Learn how to optimize your profile & content.

Optimizing your Instagram profile for maximum visibility and engagement

Lesson Highlights

Utilizing Instagram features such as bio, highlights, and links effectively

How to build a brand worth following, starting with a compelling bio

Your Profile Name & Username

Your username (or Instagram “handle”) and name are both searchable features of your profile, and are therefore important places to stick keywords that will allow buyers & sellers to more easily find you.

To improve your potential to be shown in searches, include keywords that attract your dream client (from section 1) and make it clear who you are and what you do! These are our recommendations:

Username: a variation of your name + realtor or real estate agent

Name: Your Name | [CITY] Realtor or Real Estate Agent

Example: Jordan Scott | Denver Realtor

There are two advantages to this. First, when someone searches for real estate agents or realtors in your city, you’re more likely to come up in the search. 

Second, by including keywords like this, you’re allowing Instagram to easily categorize you as a real estate agent and telling the algorithm who to send your content to.

Your Profile Picture

As an agent, it’s imperative that you’re putting a polished picture showing your face forward. You are your brand!

Avoid simply using a logo or text as your photo and put a face to the page. This allows people to recognize you and foster a connection with you. People want to work with people, not logos!

Tips for a great profile picture:

  • Clear, close-up photo of your face (shoulders or elbows up is a good closeness)
  • No logo, team, or brokerage text
  • Look professional and welcoming!

Your Bio

Write a concise and compelling bio that highlights your expertise, specialties, and location. Include relevant keywords to make your profile searchable.

Within 3 seconds of coming to your profile, a viewer should be hooked. They should immediately understand:

1. Who you are and what you do

2. What the benefit is to them

3. How they can access what you offer/those benefits to them

Key things to include:

  • You’re a real estate agent/realtor who serves what city/area
  • Your unique value proposition (from section 1)
  • The easiest way to contact you, schedule an appointment, or access your free resources (AKA lead magnets)

Remember, you want it to be compelling and concise, include relevant keywords and showcase the benefits of following you. Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

Ready to start your new chapter in [CITY] and sell your home? 
You’re in the right place!
↓ Schedule a time to chat below


Example 2:

Looking to buy or sell in [CITY]? I can help
Making YOU the priority
↓ Grab my CITY summer guide


Example 3:

Helping Buyers & Sellers Throughout [CITY]
Your resource for all things real estate
↓ Grab my free buyer guide


Example 4:

Ready for your next home in [CITY]?
You’re in the right place!
Wife, Realtor, & Beach Lover ☀️
↓ Grab my free seller guide

Your Call to Action/Lead Capture

As you can see above in the examples, the last line of your bio should direct viewers to a link where you can collect their contact information. To do this, you’ll need to provide value or a valuable resource (called a lead magnet) such as:

  • Free consultation (to go over the buying or selling process, their needs, etc.)
  • Free resource (CMA report, list of homes in your city/specific neighborhood, etc.)
  • Free guide (Neighborhood guide, summer seller guide, seasonal events guide, relocation guide, etc.)

This lead magnet needs to speak to your dream client and be something they want, something hey can’t say no to so they share that contact information! You’ll learn more about creating a lead magnet and how to capture that information in Lesson 8: Using Lead Magnets to Nurture and Convert. But for now, know that this last line of your bio and your link will be lead magnet-related!

Your Feed

Just like with your bio, your feed needs to grab the viewers attention and tell them who you are and what you do within a few seconds of arriving at your profile.

That doesn’t mean having a feed full of random home pictures and “Just Sold” posts – that means carefully curated content that fits your strategy. 

Take a look at these two examples. Which one really grabs your attention, intrigues you, and establishes the feed as one of a knowledgeable real estate agent?

The second one!

Key takeaway in this lesson: cohesive design, eye-catching images, and text that conveys value is what makes your content a lot more binge-worthy and establishes your authority in the space.

We’ll go into more detail on what to post in your feed, the strategy to follow, and how to create engaging content like this in the next lesson! 

For now, having an understanding of what we’re going for overall and what’s going to optimize your profile is what’s important. Move on to the next lesson when you’re ready to build upon this knowledge and start making some content!