3. How to create content

How to create content that feels authentic and stands out in your area. Learn what to post and when.

Using your unique value proposition to create content

Lesson Highlights

How to create content that resonates with your dream client

Effective social media framework & strategy to implement today

Download the workbook to help you brainstorm and create content here!

The Strategy

Remember the dream client you just defined and the unique value proposition you wrote out in Lesson 1? Now it’s time to put those key pieces into play!

With your unique value proposition and dream client in mind, there are 3 types of content you should be posting:

Engage Content

Engage content is the broadest of the three, meaning you’re going to target the largest pool of people you can that could include your ideal client. This is how you draw in new eyes and grow your brand recognition.

Think of reach content as casting a wide net, targeting as many fish as possible. 

Strategy: Engage content should be 50% of what you post.

Examples of Engage Content:


Share close by getaways within driving distance to wear you live – people are always looking for things to do on the weekends or during spring, summer, fall and winter breaks!

Business Spotlight

Share some quick details on a business in your area and what makes them special. Be sure to tag the account and location, and ask them to share it on their stories as well!

Property Features

A real estate account wouldn’t be complete without showcasing some real estate right? Preview an eye-catching listing or one you think will appeal to buyers in general and share a reel of it (with permission of the listing agent). Consider these hooks for your reel:

  • Here’s what $500k gets you in [CITY]
  • The hottest new listing in [NEIGHBORHOOD/CITY]
  • The [ROOM/FEATURE] you never knew you needed… until now!

Educational Content

Answer the general questions on everyone’s minds about real estate – buyers and sellers always have a lot of questions about the process!

Nurture Content

Nurture content is more specific and narrowed down in your topics, this content is meant to speak more directly to your dream client. This content builds trust with your audience, helps them like you and builds some rapport with them over time.

To go back to our fish analogy, this would be like fishing for a specific type of fish. Your ideal fish.

Strategy: Nurture content should be about 35% of what you post.


Examples of Nurture Content:

Share Educational Content Valuable To Your Ideal Client

  • How a market update or piece of real estate news would impact your ideal customer
  • Benefits of selling your home when there’s low inventory
  • What first-time home buyers can expect when their offer is accepted
  • Show the lifestyle that comes with a neighborhood

Show Your Unique Value

  • The one thing I did to get 10 offers on my last listing

  • My proven pricing strategy that gets buyers through the door on day one

  • How I saved my client $30k on their home purchase

  • Testimonials from past clients

Brand Building Content

  • Anecdotes and experiences from your real estate agent life!

  • A reel of what you did last weekend that showcases cool things to do in your area

  • Behind the scenes of a showing appointment or getting a property ready to list

Connect & Convert Content

This content is even more specific because now you’re asking for something directly, usually for them to contact you or use you as their agent. 

This can also be where you promote a lead magnet (freebie to get contact information) and ask them to comment, DM, or do another action in order to get your free lead magnet.

Strategy: Connect & Convert Content should be about 15% of what you post.


Examples of Connect & Convert Content:

Showcase Listings

Go to weekly listing previews to gather content for this. Give tours of the properties on Reels and share the best features and unique tidbits on Stories. Ask the audience to contact you for more information on that property.

City/Local Guides

Sharing upcoming events or the local happenings every season is a great way to be the local expert – which builds a lot of authority and trust in your audience! Help locals and potential movers enjoy your city with Reels or carousel posts that show viewers what to do in your city, and offer to send them a free, comprehensive guide in exchange for an email address.

Neighborhood Features

When buyers are purchasing a home, they’re also purchasing the neighborhood! Show them what life would feel like there – what there is to do, what amenities there are, what benefits the location has and more. Offer to send viewers a Neighborhood Guide or a list of homes available there.

Calls to Action

Add calls to action to any of your other content when it’s fitting. For example, when you share a post about a happy seller client you worked with, you can offer to provide a free home valuation.

Creating social media content that effectively reaches, nurtures, and converts leads is essential for success.

Content Pillars

To maintain a strong presence and engage your audience effectively, it’s essential to have a well-defined content strategy centered around content pillars. Content pillars serve as the foundation of your social media efforts, guiding your content creation and ensuring that your messaging aligns with your brand identity and goals. 

While you have your 3 types of content above, these are the pillars that go within those types. Having pillars that you can plan around will make coming up with ideas for what to post each week. I recommend having 4-5 pillars you can rotate through when you’re posting content.

What Are Content Pillars?

Content pillars are the core topics or themes that form the basis of your social media content strategy. They represent the key areas of expertise, interests, or values that are relevant to your brand and resonate with your target audience. By organizing your content around these pillars, you can create a cohesive and consistent brand narrative that reinforces your brand identity and fosters meaningful connections with your audience.

Examples of Content Pillars

Educational Content: Share informative and insightful content that educates your audience about real estate. This can be sharing common terminology, details about the buying or selling process, home buying tips, market updates, answering common questions, etc.

Behind-the-Scenes Content: Offer a glimpse behind the curtain and showcase the your daily life and real estate processes. This can include getting ready for showings, prepping for listing appointments, your morning routine of replying to emails and creating content, staging a home, etc.

Property Listings: Showcase available properties, including photos, videos, and descriptions to attract potential buyers and seller leads. Even if you don’t have any listings, you can still create videos and other content around listings – you just have to get permission from the listing agent. This is a very powerful way to attract both buyer & seller leads so we strongly recommend it, even if it’s a little outside your comfort zone!

Neighborhood Spotlights: Highlight different neighborhoods or communities, sharing insights on amenities, schools, local businesses, and more. Give people a glimpse into life there!

Home Improvement Ideas: Share DIY home improvement projects, renovation ideas, and design inspiration to help homeowners enhance their living spaces.

Local Events and Activities: Highlight upcoming events, festivals, and activities happening in the community to showcase the local lifestyle.

Content pillars can be whatever you want but they should fit with your brand and with real estate – after all, that’s why you’re marketing yourself! Use any of these ideas, ones from within the 3 types of content (Engage, Nurture, Connect & Convert) above, or other  ideas you have.

Writing Compelling Captions

Creating compelling captions is essential to reaching the right people, growing your audience and having success with social media. While there’s no one way to do it, these are the best practices for writing captivating social media captions that captivate your audience and inspire action:

Write For Your Dream Client

Look back on Lesson 1 where you defined your dream client, and write with that target audience in mind. Tailor your captions to resonate with their needs and motivations, whether they’re first-time homebuyers, empty nesters, or luxury property investors.

Start With a Hook

Capture your audience’s attention from the start by crafting a compelling hook or opening line. Pose a question, share an intriguing fact, or evoke emotion to draw your audience in and entice them to read further. The first few words of your caption are crucial for grabbing attention, so make them count.

Tell a Story

Use your captions to tell a story that resonates with your audience and brings your properties to life. Share the unique features, history, and character of each property in a way that sparks imagination and emotion. 

Include Relevant Hashtags

Boost the discoverability of your posts by including relevant hashtags in your captions. Research popular and niche-specific hashtags related to real estate, property features, and location to reach a broader audience and attract potential clients. While many will argue that Instagram specifically reads the keywords in your caption now, not just hashtags, we’ve had success ourselves and with our members utilizing them – they’re just one more way to program the Instagram algorithm to show your content to your dream clients.

Same image – 4 design styles included as part of the Restate Social membership.

Another Example

Let’s break down all that we just learned with an example. This one is actually from the Restate Social membership.

We’re targeting home buyers that may not be able to afford exactly what they’re looking for, so we’re encouraging them to consider a fixer-upper as a suitable alternative. 

Here was the caption:

Having trouble finding just the home you’re looking for at the price you want? Consider a fixer-upper! Here’s why this might be the best strategy for you:

✅ Lower Purchase Price

✅ High Potential For Equity Building

✅ Great Opportunity to Customize

Ready to find that perfect fixer-upper so you can roll up your sleeves and turn it into your dream home? Let’s talk about what you’re looking for – just send me a message!

#FixerUpper #HomeRenovation #newhome #dreamhome #homebuyer #buyingahome #homebuying #CITYhouse #CITYliving #CITY

As you can see, we’re highlighting the benefits to this particular type of client. We have a striking, eye-catching image

As a bonus, this post will be attractive to all home buyers and those thinking about getting into the market but aren’t sure if they’ll be able to afford what they want, as well as to home sellers that see that you know your stuff as an agent and know how to market.

Bonus Tip: If you want templates that do all of the strategy and design-work done for you, join the Restate Social monthly membership for daily social media posts + captions.

Planning Your Content

Last but not least, now that we know what we’re going to post, we want to plan this content out so we’re not trying to think of a new idea and going through this whole process again every day. 

Making several at once (ideally at least a week of content) will help you be more productive and save time – this simple productivity hack is called “batching” content.

Plan your content in advance by creating a content calendar. This ensures consistency and helps you stay organized with your posting schedule. We like using Plannthat to plan all of our content ahead of time and see how it looks together on the feed.

Analyze Your Results

Analyze your results every month and see which posts are getting the most engagement. This tells you what topics and designs are working so you can do more of those!

You can track the performance of your social media content using analytics tools provided by the platform. You’ll need a business account on Instagram, and go to settings in the top right of your screen (the hamburger/stack-looking icon), then scroll down and click on Insights.

Monitor key metrics such as reach, engagement, and follower growth. Analyze the data to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of your content strategy, and make data-driven decisions for what future posts to focus on.

The Plan

So now that we know what to post, how to utilize content pillars and the 3 types of content, and the background on all of this strategy, here’s a plan to get you started and help you take action:

1. Sign up for a free account on Canva

2. Using your defined dream client and your unique value proposition, brainstorm a list of 30 topics that would interest your dream client (15 reach post topics, 10 nurture post topics, and 5 connect & convert topics)

3. Taking those ideas, it’s time to further refine them. I like to first take each idea in a note, then write a caption for it. Once you get all the text written out, it’s easier to think about what you need to include in your visual.

4. Create reel cover images, regular posts, or carousel posts with big, clear text “hooks” that matter to your dream client

Bonus Tip: If you want templates that do all of the strategy and design-work done for you, join the Restate Social monthly membership for daily social media posts + captions.

Download and use your workbook if you haven’t already, to clearly define the concepts in this section before moving on to the next!