Luxury real estate is such an exciting industry, but it can sometimes feel difficult to find clients that are looking to buy or sell these over-priced homes. These high-net-worth individuals are not just looking for a house; they’re in search of an extraordinary lifestyle, unique properties, and unrivaled service. Prospecting for luxury clients requires a unique set of skills, a deep understanding of the market, and a commitment to providing unparalleled value.

Now, “luxury” in real estate really just means homes that are in the top 10% pricing of the local market. Typically, in most markets, homes over $1 million fall into this 10% tier, but as an agent, you know what “luxury” means in your area (and if you don’t, it’s time to do some research!)

Whether you’re an experienced luxury real estate agent or new to the field, this guide is designed to help you sharpen your skills, expand your network, and thrive in the competitive world of luxury real estate. To attract clients in this price range, there are 5 critical tips to follow. Read on to learn the prospecting tactics and marketing ideas to build a pipeline in this segment of the market!

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1. Know Your Buyer

Every market is different, and what a high-end client in your area is looking for in a property may differ from other locations. For example, a city along the Florida coast line will tend to attract luxury clientele that want beach front or at least an outdoor area that feels like paradise (even if it’s not waterfront). While a typical luxury client in another area may be looking for water views, hills, lots of land, or is purely focused on the neighborhood and amenities. 

As a luxury agent, you need to understand your clients and their motivations. While specific needs and wants will vary from client to client, understanding what the majority of high-end clients are looking for in your area is going to help you position yourself as an expert.

Going one step further, beyond having a general understanding of what most luxury clients are looking for in your area, take the time to get to know your current luxury clients. Don’t just check items off their “must-have” list, understand the “why” behind their deal-breaker items and preferences. Having this extra layer of understanding will help you guide them towards homes that fit their lifestyle and allow you to provide a higher level of service.

2. Luxe Marketing Materials & Strong Online Presence

Your online presence and marketing materials are just as important as networking and providing exceptional service. Whether on social media or in the mail, your marketing is often the first time someone sees you. And as the saying goes, first impressions really are everything.

To catch the discerning eye of high-net-worth clients, your marketing materials must exude sophistication, elegance, and the promise of an exceptional real estate experience. Having marketing materials that look and feel high-end and expertly-designed is crucial to building a strong brand for yourself and presenting yourself as the expert to work with. 

From listing presentations to client guides to social media, there are a few tried and true design tips for the luxury market that help make any materials stand out:

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3. Network Strategically

Going to real estate conferences and events full of other agents doesn’t typically land you many leads. To acquire luxury clients, you need to network where they hang out so you can start building rapport and establishing connections. Think about where luxury clients would spend time in your area – it can be helpful to go back to tip #1 for this. What are the interests of luxury clientele in your area?

Ideas include:

The more embedded into a community like this, the more leads, clients, and referrals you’re likely to receive. These clients and referrals tend to snowball to include more and more people as you gain experience and provide great service.

4. Know Your Market

As with low to mid-range real estate sales, luxury agent need to know their market. Before you even meet your client in person, it’s important to have done your research. Knowing the luxury neighborhoods, amenities, and attractions is imperative to be seen as competent and knowledgeable in the luxury space.

If you haven’t done many high-end deals yet, it can be helpful to drive through your city’s luxury neighborhoods, visit the country clubs and get more information on what’s offered, visit golf courses, and attend as many open houses and broker opens as possible in these areas. Knowing the luxury market in your area like the back of your hand is essential to success and impressing any future clients you work with.

Additionally, as you attend brokers opens and showings in these luxury homes, take note of the common features you see. Is there a common appliance brand in the kitchens? Are there a lot of home gyms and saunas? Are 4+ car garages the hot feature in your area? Knowing common luxury features, and even doing a little research on what makes them beneficial to the home or popular, can help you seem very knowledgeable when you’re walking through a home with a client and are able to point it out to them and give them a little background on it.

5. Host Events

Similarly to networking with high net-worth individuals at the places and clubs they frequent, you can also throw events that attract that same clientele. There are two ways to go about this: hold events that encourage clients and people you know to bring guests, or host charity and local events that attract total strangers.

For the first group, those that you already have some sort of relationship with, you can throw events that further your bond and connection, as well as encourage them to invite friends that may also be in the luxury market. To take advantage of this idea, you can throw events like:

House Warming Parties For Any New Luxury Listings You Sell

Have the event at the new owner’s home (of course) and pay for/organize catering, wine & beer or even bar tending services. Depending on the property and the level of expense of the home, you may even consider hiring music and/or entertainment. Whether you’re the buying or selling agent, you can throw a house warming party for the buyer – just make sure you get permission first!

Invitation-Only Luxury Open Houses

If you have a luxury listing or are able to hold one open for another agent in your office, this can be a great way to invite past clients and encourage them to bring anyone that may be in the market to buy or sell. Entice people to attend with gourmet catering, live music, and champagne!

Now, for the second group, you will usually need to have an event that shares their interest or benefits a charitable organization. This cannot be marketed as a networking event or you’ll be attracting other real estate agents to your event, and being too overt with your intentions. This likely won’t yield as big of a crowd. Events that work great for this include:

Art and Wine Tasting

Collaborate with a local art gallery or winery to host an art and wine tasting event in a luxury property. Combine fine art, exceptional wines, and a guided tour of the property for a memorable evening, or host the event at the gallery.

Gourmet Cooking Class

Arrange gourmet cooking classes led by a renowned chef in a luxury kitchen. High-net-worth individuals often appreciate fine dining, and this event allows them to explore the culinary aspects of their potential new home.

Fashion Shows

Partner with a high-end fashion boutique and organize a fashion show within a luxury property. This event provides a unique opportunity for clients to experience the property while enjoying a stylish presentation.

Charity Galas

Organize or sponsor a charity gala for a cause close to your heart or the community. High-net-worth individuals often support charitable initiatives, and this can create an opportunity for meaningful connections.

VIP Travel Experiences

Curate VIP travel experiences, such as private jet trips to exotic destinations or luxury cruises, and offer them as prizes or incentives for attendees.

Exclusive Seminars and Workshops

Host educational seminars or workshops related to real estate investment, interior design, or wealth management. This positions you as an expert and provides value to potential clients.

Spa & Wellness Retreats

Arrange wellness retreats at luxury spa resorts or wellness centers. Clients can experience the property while indulging in relaxation and self-care.

Architectural Tours

Organize tours of architecturally significant properties, focusing on design, construction, and innovative features. Highlight the unique aspects of each property’s design.

Private Movie Screenings

Host private screenings of classic or new-release films in a luxurious home theater. Clients can enjoy the cinematic experience and explore the property.

Equestrian Events

For properties with equestrian facilities, host equestrian events, riding lessons, or horse shows to attract clients interested in such properties. This will be location dependent, as some areas are more equestrian-focused than others.

Take the guesswork out of networking events and save time so you can focus on meeting clients and growing your business. At Restate Social, we provide our luxury member agents with a new event plan every month – complete with an example schedule, to-do list, and marketing materials like flyers, social media posts and emails to send to your list!