Creating a Cohesive Brand

First of all, what is branding? Maybe you’ve heard it thrown around on marketing blogs or on Youtube videos, but you’re not entirely sure what it means besides slapping a logo on it. Branding is more than just a logo, it’s your business’s complete image. It conveys an overall message and feeling to your audience.

Before your customers ever make a purchase, they’ll see your brand in some way. Or, your brands if you’re not creating a cohesive image.

Every email you send, every photo on Instagram, and every listing flyer all contributes to your overall brand. These materials may all seem unrelated and not a big deal to not coordinate, but they all create an overall picture for your audience.

Branding is a pretty big deal.

So how do you create a brand that feels cohesive, and strongly represents you? Here are the 5 keys to creating a cohesive brand that attracts home buyers and sellers.


1. Determine your audience

Regardless of what business you’re in, the imperative first step of creating a cohesive brand is identifying your audience. You can’t deliver an effective message if you don’t understand who your ideal audience is.

In real estate, your ideal audience will be home buyers and sellers in your area, but you may even want to get more specific than that if you’re in a large, populated market. Focusing on first-time home buyers or empty nesters looking to downsize, or even waterfront properties or short term rental purchases. Think about who you have experience with or who you could ideally serve and tailor your messaging to them.

Think about this audience. What challenges are they facing? What solutions are they looking for? This is the kind of content to make for them.


2. Define your story

Creating a story behind your brand helps your clients understand you, feel connected to you, and resonate with you. Having an origin story, like why you got into the business, sets you apart from your competitors. Why did you get into real estate? What led you to where you are today? What kind of impact do you want to make by being in this business? The answers to these questions help you stand out and represent your unique value proposition. After all, no one can do real estate like you!


3. Fonts & colors

Choosing a handful of colors, fonts, and design elements and sticking to them will help contribute to the story you’re painting. You want your marketing to a consistent, appealing look. Choose 2-3 colors and 3-4 fonts. If you need some inspiration, just search for business color palette ideas on Pinterest, you’ll find loads of options!


4. Have a clear voice

As we said during the “Define your story” section, no one can do real estate like you! Having a clear voice when you’re writing blog posts, property descriptions, social media captions, and the content on your website will help you stand out and help people feel connected to you. One way to write with your personality is to simply write how you speak! Get rid of the idea that you have to sound business-like and professional online, people want to hear how you speak.

Just leave the profanity out for the sake of professionalism!


5. Make your website

A very key place to represent your brand is on a website. While your marketing materials are spread out across social media and in person, your website is where your brand message comes together. 

Your website is where people go to get more information on you, your services, and your market. Before they even begin to read this information though, they’ll decide whether or not they’re going to stay on your page. So while information and consistent messaging are important, another component of your brand is the aesthetics. Your website is where you’ll combine your messaging (story) with your chosen fonts and colors, and having a clear voice where you get to sound like you! 

Now that you understand what goes into creating a brand, you hopefully have a more clear idea of what your brand as a real estate agent is. You can now use this branding everywhere you market yourself: social media, ads, emails, videos and more!