How to Get Real Estate Leads from Instagram

With 2.35 billion active monthly users on Instagram, you’d be right to assume it’s a great place to get new real estate leads and connect with potential clients! With such a huge user base, you have access to so many people, including a large number of people in your area. For this reason, it’s important to take the time to follow a marketing plan and strategy to get leads.

Once you’ve accessed your Restate Social templates and have started customizing and scheduling them, you’re half way there! You’re laying the foundation for a strong online presence. Now let’s talk getting leads.

Optimize Your Profile & Bio

Your Instagram profile is often times the first thing people see if they’re searching for you. Or it’s what they land on after seeing one of your videos or posts in the Explore feed, if they’ve clicked on your profile to learn more about you. Either way, you have a narrow window of opportunity to make a good first impression. You can do that by:

  • Having a high quality profile picture. Make sure it’s clear, bright, professional and welcoming!
  • Include your city name and “Realtor” or “Real Estate Agent” in your name. This clearly shows viewers what you’re all about and will also help you show up in the search results if anyone is looking for a real estate agent in your area. For example: Anna Torrence Atlanta Realtor
  • Link to your website or landing page. You get one link in your bio, use it wisely! Or create a link page on your website that has multiple important links. You can use this URL in your bio and then people will be able to choose from your options on that page.
  • Include a short description of yourself, as well as a call to action. In the last line of your description, add a call to action like “Click below for a free home valuation” or “click the link below to schedule a call with me” to encourage viewers to take action. This is a tactic that most businesses use, you want to direct people to take action!

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags allows users to more easily find content that matches their search keywords. Use hashtags to attract the right people to your posts. General hashtags like #realestate #houses #houseforsale or #homeforsale work great, as well as more local hashtags like #atlantaliving #atlantarealestate or #atlantahomes to give you a few examples.

You can find more hashtags by typing your own keywords into the search bar and seeing what other keyword options show up.

Share High-Quality Content

You already have access to Restate Social’s templates and captions to help you out here, but be sure to add your own spin to them so you can show your personality and market expertise!

Post Content That Encourages Engagement

We make sure to include lots of engagement-geared Instagram posts into our monthly social media calendar we have prepared for you, but if you ever want more or to do one on your own – we say go for it! Posting content that evokes an emotional response or allows people to share their opinion is a great way to increase engagement, which in turn helps you gain more visibility on the platform. It also helps people to feel more connected to you and more likely to use or recommend you when it comes time to look for real estate professionals!

Make Reels

Reels help boost your account in the algorithm and are prioritized by Instagram, so it’s important to make them part of your marketing strategy! They can seem intimidating or confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to knock them out quickly each month. Read more on how to get started with Reels here and see your monthly suggested Reels located in Video Scripts & IG Reels under the Monthly Marketing Plans tab.

Add Action Buttons to Your Profile

If you have a business account on Instagram (which is recommended for its access to insights and additional features!), you can add action buttons to your profile that helps people more easily get in touch with you. Easy is the name of the game here, if people have to search too hard for your contact information, they may move on to the next person or get distracted all together. Add action buttons for your email, phone number, and even a “Book” or “Reserve” button to encourage them to book a call with you. These buttons will take viewers to forms by Appointy, Eventbrite, Rest and more. You’ll need to set up an account with one of the supported platforms for this booking feature.

To add an Action Button:

1. Go to your Instagram profile page

2. Click Edit Profile

3. Tap Add an action button

4. Choose the button you would like to add

5. Add the necessary information

Lead Magnet Ad Strategy

Now that you have the basics down, you can move into paid advertising (optionally) or follow these tips and just share it in your regular feed and Reels as a free option.

Instagram ads are a great way to reach new people in your area and garner leads. One effective way to do this is to create an ad that offers a lead magnet (also called a freebie). You may have noticed these already on the Landing Pages page within your Templates Library. But if you haven’t, lead magnets are essentially something that you offer of value that people will be willing to exchange their contact information for, thus becoming a lead.

As we said, there are a handful of lead magnets already created for you under the Landing Pages page of your Templates Library, but a few more ideas are:

  • Buyer guides
  • New construction guides
  • Home maintenance checklist
  • List of homes under $400,000 (or any dollar amount) in your area
  • Investor guides
  • List of renovation project ideas/DIY ideas on a budget

Anything you can think of that would be valuable to a home buyer or seller is the perfect lead magnet, that’s who you want to attract to your contact list!

The strategy looks a little something like this:

1. Create a lead magnet to attract home buyer and seller leads

2. Create an Instagram ad with a “Leads” objective that promotes your lead magnet (you’ll have to do this within your Facebook Ads Account)

3. Add a lead capturing form to your ad. Make sure to collect at least their name and email address so that you can send them email marketing throughout the year. They may not be ready to buy or sell right at this moment, but if you keep in touch with them through marketing you have a better chance of getting a client out of that lead!

4. Connect this form to an automation within your email marketing platform (like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, etc.) and have an automated “welcome” email go out when that contact is added. Make sure you have the lead magnet included in that email since that’s what you promised them in exchange for their contact information! It’s also smart to include a little bit about yourself, your brokerage, and a call to action like “Book a call with me to discuss your home buying and selling needs.”

5. Create email marketing campaigns throughout the year and send them to your email list (you can find our suggest emails each month under your Monthly Marketing Plans tab)

Need help setting up your ad? We walk you through it in our tutorial here!