Are you elevating your real estate marketing by recording Reels on Instagram? If you’re not already, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach new clients and provide value to your audience.

Not to mention that Instagram definitely boosts you in the algorithm for posting Reels rather than static post images. There’s a place for both regular social media posts and Reels in a healthy marketing strategy, that’s why we include both in our monthly marketing plan for Restate Social Members! 

Try out some of these trending Instagram Reel ideas for Realtors and see how they impact your visibility, credibility, and lead generation!

1. Photo Dump

This trend has been around for the last year but it isn’t slowing down. It’s a great way to make photos feel more eye-catching and even helps you tell a story – which is what we want to do in marketing!

Now, this collection of photos isn’t going to look like your standard slide show that takes several seconds to pass from photo to photo. These photos are going to scroll through quickly, and even to the beat of the music (if you want to get fancy).

To do this, you’ll want to decide on a theme and then add a collection of photos that tell a story or fit in with that theme. You could do this with:

Get creative!

Then decide on the timing. If you’re not going to try to match it up with music (with irregular timing intervals), we’ve found it’s best to have pictures on the screen for only 1-2 seconds. It’s meant to be fast and engaging. People will likely watch through it several times and pause it over pictures they find interesting.

2. Myth vs Fact

We just recently did a Reel for this trend! It’s super simple to do. Think of a common misconception that buyers or sellers may have about buying/selling a home, closings, certain neighborhoods, the entire real estate process, working with an agent, finding a lender, etc. and then point out the actual truth (the “fact” in this equation). 

Then, once you know your content, you’ll access the audio here and hit the record button.

In the video, you’ll want to look or point in one direction for your “myth” and the other for your “fact.”

Get customizable social media posts and Instagram Reel ideas every month in your monthly marketing action plan as a Restate Social Member. Learn more about how we help real estate agents elevate their market and supercharge their sales here.

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